Sunday, February 10, 2013

Skissedilla #197 - I Got Sunshine!!

Evening (or Morning) Scrappy Peeps!!  Its Sunday and that means there is a new sketch up at Skissedilla, woot!  Since it typically takes me to create (I tend to fuss and muss over every little thing) I thoroughly delight in having an awesome blueprint laid out for me from the get go!!

So happy to be back to a wonderfully full page!  I'm down with white space and I've created some pages as of late that I've really liked while utilizing some good white space, but honestly??  This is where its at for me.  I like busy.  I like having lots going on here, there, and everywhere.  One step back to me.  :)
It cuts the time for me to create a page like this in half (so instead of a like an entire day or two - yeah I can fuss THAT much but will have other creative stuff going at the same time - I can knock it out in a day or several hours while going between another project - I'm a walk away and come back to look at it kind of gal - plus there is dry time involved...).  Good deal, right?  
Here's the sketch I worked off of for the week:
Now I know what you're thinking.  My take doesn't really favor the sketch all that much, but that is why I referred to it as a blueprint above!!!  This is the beauty of sketches - they are meant as a base starting point and where you take it is up to you.  Some weeks I follow along, others I take elements and run with them.  Skissedilla sketches are spectacular for this type of inspiration and so is the DT!
ScrapFX chippies in action here!!!  I cannot say how much I adore the chipboard from them!  I mean adore it!  Don't forget there is currently a DT call out!!!  The umbrella is dolled up with some glitter glue and puff paint to mimic the one my niece is holding and check out that arrow!!! LOVE.  I also have the inner portion to use on a later project.  There are TONS of fun arrow shapes recently released and a super fun arrow stencil too!
   Her face is cut off in this closeup but this is my adorably busy niece on her last visit here.  She was into everything and when she busted out this umbrella I busted out the camera!  I'm quite sure you'll be seeing a few more umbrella photo shoot shots ;) 

Lots of various layers here from diecut shapes, Gauche Alchemy punchinella, washi tape, sequins, stamps, ScrapFX chippie hearts, stenciled shapes, mists - oh my!  I have to share the clouds are also made from a ScrapFX stencil but not in the way you might think!!!  I used the stencil as a template to make a couple of my own hand carved stamps!!  Yup these clouds are stamped on.
I love clouds 'nuff said. :)

My favorite letters of all time will forever be every font of ScrapFX Itty Bitty Bets!!!  They rock the hizz-ouse for real.  Love them.  Need to invest in them in bulk. Seriously.
This title in combination with the smile washi above it makes me happy, happy.  In fact I have to share that all I've been singing in my head over, and over, and.... you get the idea.... since I made this is I've got sunshine.... I'm thinking this is a future project in the making with lots of the same colors and fun stuff going on.....perhaps a canvas project??  What'cha think sweetie peeps?
Until next time, take good care!


  1. Hi Scarlett, another gorgeous work of art. I love how you hex tended the umbrella and used the die cut. Such a cute photo also.
    Your title is very clever.

  2. what an explosion of colors and details!!!!! i just love this page :)


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!