Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday - Love You

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!  Happy Friday! What a week - it flew by.  Hope your Valentines Day was good one and in honor of it - since I didn't post anything all lovey dovey yesterday - I shall do that today with a blast from the past!

One thing I really miss doing in my creative endeavors is stretching myself and doing something different - like with this book project created for the Webster's Pages event at Scrapbook News and Review in 2011.  I took an old book I picked up at a thrift store I intended on using for an art journal and gutted some of the pages to create a shadow box of sorts.  From there I used mediums to seal/alter the pages and then I scrapped on top and inside of them. 

This sun stamp was one of my first attempts at carving my own stamps - its still one of my favs.
So what is it that I'm going to take away from this week's flashback? 1. I recall that this creation was made with scraps I had left from the kit I was sent to work with.  So wow, look at what beauty can come from scraps.  I need to quit shoving them in bags and thinking I need the latest and greatest stuff - use more my stash and put all those out of the box ideas I've got swirling in my head, on stickies, and in notebooks in to action.  2. Trash - to - treasure type projects thrill the daylights out of me and I'm not sure why I don't do them more!  This is displayed on a shelf and my husband often grabs it down and can be caught looking at it.  Does he do that with albums - uh not so much - so this type of thing catches my family's attention more as well. Hmmmm.

The hot air balloon is another one of my carved stamps - I couldn't believe I actually got the design in the basket but the strings are a little off :/  All a learning process.
3. I really need more pictures of my hunni and me to be taken.  We are horribly under represented and I adore this picture so much - wish we had more like it.

So for now I'm content with taking those lessons away with me this week - although I must say I also really am quite impressed with all the journaling I managed to get out on this project - go me!! - so perhaps that should be number four. ;) 

What are some fun things you've altered??  Got any ideas for me?  Now I've got the bug and have a feeling I'll be tackling a trash to treasure item of some sort this weekend!

Take care and hope your weekend kicks off grandly!!


  1. Wow..,love it too :)
    Wonderful elements and layers.

  2. Stunning pages, love how you made it look beachy and used up scraps. I am a big fan of using everything (otherwise my kids get it) I do lots of OTP stuff for my in-laws who live in Scotland. The main thing I do is not stick photos down so they can change them around as the kids get older. And thanks very much for the nice comment. :)


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!