Saturday, February 9, 2013

LO on Canvas - A tutorial for You!! - Crop Stop

Happy Weekend!!  I've been trying and trying to post this since Thursday to no evail! Grr.  For some reason my pictures haven't been uploading properly.  Anyone else struggling with blogger?

Anyhoo, I have a really fun LO on canvas tutorial up on the Crop Stop blog and thought I'd share some bits of it here too! Wanna see how to create this?

Read on!!

I love creating creating fun and funky backgrounds so grab your modeling paste (or an equivalent) and lets get started!

Step One: Position stencil over the canvas and secure in place.  Take a palette knife, or whatever other tool you have handy, though for this type of coverage I do suggest a palette knife. It just works the best and believe me I've tried everything from my fingers to plastic knifes and credit cards. Remove stencil and set this aside to dry.  It must be completely dry before you can work on the next step.

This is what the modeling paste looks like when it is dry without the stencil on top - pretty cool, right?

 Now its time to color it up.  I adore creating a rainbow effect with mists and today I'll share how to do that without muddying up your project.  I've positioned my mist bottles (Dylusions) where I've used them on the canvas.  If at any point you get lost with my instructions, leave me a question in the comments and I'll get back at'cha - promise. 

Step Three: Grab some Lemon Zest mist and spray it sparsely in the upper left corner of the canvas bringing it down and across the middle portion.  Now grab Pure Sunshine and spray it on the right side in the middle area and bring it toward where you prayed the Lemon Zest, crossing them over just a tad.  You will also want to bring the Pure Sunshine mist down toward the bottom right just a smidge.  Be sure you leave white areas open during this process.  You don't want to turn the entire canvas shades of yellow.  Next spray Bubblegum Pink in the upper right corner.  The fine mist that spreads out with cover the Lemon Zest creating your orange area - I love science!!! Finally grab some Vibrant Turquoise and spray along the bottom left, the fine mist spreading out from this ill create your green.
If you don't have Dylusions mists, well I'm an enabler so you should grab some Crop Stop has a discount code on my blog post here, but you could also use hues similar to these shades in your own stash - mist owner beware the boingin' colors will not be the same!!!  Dylusions ROCK!  I love them.  The saturated colors are unbeatable.  Okay moving on.

 To kick up the background a notch - and who doesn't wanna do that and be like Emeril right? - lets bust out some paint and glitter shall we.
Step Four: Grab a large circular stamp, clear acrylic is going to work best here so you can see what you're doing. I used the Claudine Hellmuth Bloom stamp, sent to me from Crop Stop, along with some creamy metallic Lumiere paint (my favorite most used paint for the last number of years!!!!).  Pounce the paint onto the stamp just like you would an ink pad.  Stamp it onto the canvas around the circular patterns already present.  Note: if you aren't using the same stencil in the sample, create a circular pattern in pattern pleasing to the eye, remembering that working in odd numbers is always a good thing.  While the paint is still wet sprinkle some glitter on it.  The paint will act as an adhesive for the glitter.  Do this sparsely.  You want some of the paint to show through.  Tap off any excess glitter and you now have a beautiful background to work on. 

This is the final piece I created on the above background.  Its already hanging up in my creative space. To see the other details and step by steps on how I layer things up on a canvas to get this out come head on over to post won't you? I'd love for you to visit and check it out (I wouldn't want no one to visit, LOL), plus you can get in on the discount code (remember you need Dylusions)!!! 

Hope your weekend is spectacular!  My plan is to scrap, scrap, and scrap - just me and my girlie today!! YAY!

Many blessings to you, take good care.


  1. What a great tutorial! And I loooooove the colours and the result of all this wonderful mess. :)

  2. Great tutorial, Scarlett! Looks wonderful with the beautiful bright colors! =)


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