Saturday, February 9, 2013

Flashback Friday Leading to Steps Forward

Its late, late Friday night, and I'm sure by the time most of you, my sweet readers catch up with this it'll be Saturday, but we're going to roll with the whole Flashback Friday post title anyways because the idea is this will become a regular feature for a bit - YAY! 

 I finally mustered up the patience it took to gather the enormous amount of past projects I had on my old computer that was running slower than molasses and still is - YIKES! and in the process got some reminders I desperately needed at just the right time.

During one of my last posts I spoke of feeling in a rut and a few of you - thank you loves, xo, you know who you are - said no way, but I couldn't shake the funk.  As I was looking through these projects, most created from SNR events and mag publications in 2011!! I knew why.

I used to create with a sense a free abandonment. No constraints. Lots of spice and variety with no hang ups. Only what felt creatively good.  These days I feel as though this type of artistry has escaped me.  I mean where have the forks gone??! LOL.

Seriously though, looking at this picture I get excited about creating again because honestly I was ready to pack up shop.  Yup told my friend Misty this exact sentiment because what I've been doing hasn't felt like 'me' or where I want to be going with my art and what I want to share.

Her words back to me were pretty profound (I'll have to ask if I can share pieces in a later Flashback post). Just the right thing.  Just the right time.  God involved.  Drew me to these projects. 

This may not be what others are drawn to, what would get me plopped on to the next zillion design teams, or picked as a featured project in the hottest galleries.  It might not have the latest trends slapping you in the face, or enough white space for the ideal balance, or, or, or!  But you know what??  I love it.  My daughter loves it; it hangs on her wall.  That is what matters.  It is art and I remember how I felt after I made it clearly.  I didn't doubt myself.  Worry over whether it was okay or not.  
*Note my little disclaimer here is: I do love trends but they will not own me; I do love when others love my work but it will not define me; Design teams are awesome but if I don't make the cut I won't be discouraged; you feel me? See where I'm going?

Somewhere along this great journey I've lost that.  Whether it be because I desire to move ahead in this industry and long to share more or just don't know where it is I am to be going and how or, or, or.  All I know is Flashback Fridays will be helping me get back to me. I'll share with you my adventures in getting back to whats real in my world and this lil' blog of mine will be getting a make over in many ways over the next little stretch.  I look forward to cultivating my art again with a reckless abandonment  - a sense of freedom from comparison - you know that little thief of joy? Yeah.

Thanks for joining me and listening to me babble on!  I'm so excited and thank you to those who've wished me good thoughts in this brief interlude I do face many challenges and yes I will bravely keep plugging on ;) there is NO mountain I won't overcome and conquer - Love you so much!!!  You all are so sweet to know me so well!!!  Again sweet peeps you know who you are!

Have great weekends!! 
xo - Scarlett


  1. I am in love with this post and your amazing words!!! I can't wait to see more!!!

  2. so very true, we are suppose to creative for 'me' not everyone else but thats what can end up happening. Love love your layout and can not wait to see more of 'you' :D

  3. I just love you to bits Scarlett! You are such an inspiration in so many ways. You are one of the most genuine people I know and I appreciate you so much! As for this project??? WOW!!! It is truly incredible! There is no one out there who creates like you do (you have some extraordinary God given talent). You are truly one of a kind...and I feel like one blessed chick, knowing that your my friend! :)


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!