Thursday, August 21, 2014

1st Car

Hey Sweetie Peeps!  Here today to share up a LO I recently created for ScrapFX featuring my oldest and his new to him car. ;)  Yes, we roll like that.  There are no brand spankin' hot rods round here, but to say he was thrilled with getting my car, as I got a new to me car to fit my goatees and hay in, would be an understatement.

This page started off with a sheet of the new Basic Grey Highline (well I guess it's not that new anymore - ha!) and some gesso.  From there I splashed on some mist with a paintbrush and added my texture with paste using the Tyre Track Stencil (2014177) from ScrapFX.  While I waited for that to dry I layered up my photos with some others papers from the collection's 6x6 pad, outline my title chippie, and cut out my transparency piece (a new item to ScrapFX).

Once my paste was dry I went over it some mist in metallic colors to add a bit of color and then sprinkled that randomly with silver embossing powder while still wet.  A little blast with the heat gun and some additional funky texture was created.

To finish off the page I added in some stamping.  I'm totally hooked on it these days and can't seem to complete a project without it.  Here I used the ScrapFX Gear (2014176) and Hash (2014137) Stamps.  The Hash stamps were used first as a background stamp providing a little interest and breakup to the misted background.  I love these little stamps and know I'll be using them a lot on my mixed media creations.  The Gear stamps were stamped using VersaMark, sprinkled with silver embossing powder, and heat set.  The last touch on the page some outlining with Liquitex fluid ink around the edges of the photo layers and the page itself.  

When I got done with this page I looked at it and thought of the Blues Brothers, LOL.  Don't know why, just did. I was ultimately just glad to have scrapped a page though.  This was the first one done in a long stretch of time.  I'll be back to full mojo soon I think. ;)

Until then thanks for hanging in there with me. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smile and the World Smiles With You - Canvas

Hello!!  My oh my, it's been quite the long time since I've blogged but it's time to blow the dust off and share up some creations again - wahoo!

Today's creation will give you a little insight as to what has been keeping busy over the past several months and let me tell you, it has been so worth it!

Meet Penelope, she is one of the Nigerian Dwarf goat kids we brought on to our little farm we started up this spring.  Yes we started up a farm!  Super exciting and a whole lotta work - phew.  It only seemed appropriate one of my first creations after being away from my crafty space for what seemed like foreva' would be to showcase one of my farm cuties - showing off a cheesy grin too, ha!

 I started constructing my little country scene by adding in some stamping using my ScrapFX stamps.  The cloud stamps are hand carved ones I made using the Clouds and Raindrops stencil as a template and the flower stamps are the foam ones available in the store.  The chipboard piece here is one of my favorites, it's a fairly new release and there are a whole bunch of pieces similar to this one but using different large words and smaller phrases below. The font is so fun and I love the perfect print below, don't you?

To create the background of the canvas I worked some layers and added my various acrylic paints.  I love being random and messy during this stage.  No real plan just slapping on the mediums.   I also knew I wanted to use one of the little mini suns here but it just wasn't cutting it on it's own, worked out perfectly inserted in the paperclip sun though.  Love it when I can seek out layering tidbits on my table like that. The leaves were also stamped from ScrapFX foam stamps and then colored with various shades of Neocolors, watered down to blend, then fussy cut to be added to the canvas.

Don't you just love Penelope's cheesy grin?  She is such a little sweetheart!  Definitely worth the time away but am so glad to be back.  Still feel like I need to find my full creative again but it'll come.  I've got more things to share and am slowly finding my way in to routines between 34 chickens, 5 goats, one of which is in milk so I milk twice a day, gardening galore to try and replace a good amount of my family's food, and oh did I mention piglets will be coming to the farm in November??  Ahahaha!  I love this life and can't wait to share it with you through my art.

Take care dear friends, be blessed.