Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cultivate The Seeds - Crop Stop Post 2

Hello and happy Thursday.  So glad to be back sharing another Crop Stop post with you all today and my One Little Word for the year.  Yep, you read correctly I'm professing out loud my word for this year since I kept it to myself last year. ;)  However, I'm documenting what this word unleashes so LO to kick things off seemed a good way to start!

Crystal Stickles from Crop Stop is quickly becoming my go to for spreading over just about anything.  Also really enjoyed having some itty bitty flowers on hand to throw in the mix with my spray of sequins of splatters.
Cultivate.  A verb with so many meanings and synonyms - all very moving to me.  No - I don't necessarily plan on getting down with tilling a vast amount of soil this year, but if I'm called to do so who knows, after all I am a country girl....giggling.  What I really long to do is cultivate a good life with the seeds I've been given - to tend to my life, grow it, and care for it with the utmost priority.  I'll share more about this in later post, but I'm excited for what God has in store for He placed this on my heart! In fact.....

Note to self... The love of God is better than my wildest dreams!!!  Indeed it is!! 

While you are looking at this picture, do you see the embossed patterned paper peeking out?? Well I have another quickie little tutorial for you today on how to do that! So let's get to it!

This piece of paper was embossed using the Couture Creations Damask, Serenity Collection Limited Edition Folder
1. Start by embossing a piece of patterned paper.  Lightly brush over embossed area with a gesso wash (watered down gesso). Its okay to cover some of the background area as well to tone it down if you choose.

2. Peel away the wrapping from a crayon and use the side of it to color over raised embossed area.  You want to try and stay on the raised areas but its okay if some of the background gets covered.  If you like the way this looks you can stop here.  If you like boingin' colors proceed to step three.

3. Grab your heat gun and begin heating the crayon.  This will make the color pop!!  Be careful not to heat too much - do you see that slightly browned area on my paper?? Yeah got a little distracted and overheated.  No worries though you can go over these areas with more crayon and reheat or in my case this area was covered up on my page. :)

That's it!  Easy peasy color technique to use with your embossing folders!! Do let me know if you give this a try and stay tuned to the Crop Stop blog next week as we might just be playing with some crayons again and kicking it up a few notches - I haven't decided just yet - so many ideas - so little time, LOL!!!

Ranger dry fine glitter is divine and worked perfectly for my deer antlers.  Since I had been coveting this piece for oh so long it truly needed special treatment! Thanks Crop Stop for the perfect color - Thistle!!!
I'd love for you to go check out the page in full over on the Crop Stop blog where you can get all the details of the products I used and some additional close ups not shown here.  

Thanks for dropping by and sharing a bit of your day with me!


  1. What a fabulous technique!!!! Thanks for sharing! And, love your word :)

  2. Wow there you go, i will never look at an embossing folder the same way again. I haven't used any of mine for years so i will have to go and have a little play. Its very hard to get gesso over here, i do have a thing called texture paste so i might water that down a bit and give it a go.

  3. You just rocked that, and that crayon technique you did, I just did the same thing but with gelatos - great minds, eh? I love your word and I how you are allowing yourself to be lead by God through this year, and in this word.

  4. What happened to my comment? It suddenly disappeared! Oh well. I wrote that I love that folder you used here and that I tend to ignore the ones I've bought- mostly because they are so small and I so rarely make cards. I LOVE this crayon idea- will have to try it!

  5. Love that crayon technique, so clever! Thanks for inspiring me once again!

  6. Hey chickadee-doo-dah! Saw your story over at Revlie's blog and stalked you over here! I have a story like yours too! And lo and behold I discover that you're a God-lover too!!! So cool...and I like your artistic style, so I added you to my google reader!!! Hope you have a fabulous, blessed day!!!

  7. Good gravy, gal, you are TALENTED!! :D What amazingly fun techniques I now have to try. The wonderful. I commented once, and it disappeared, but I just have to say how you inspire me.....your heart always comes through your work. The sunshine of color on your pages......just stunning. :)


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