Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Frosty Homestead - ScrapFX style

Woot! Woot! I'm here two days in a row. Yahoo! Its been a long and crazy winter.  It started out so mild and warm.  We thought we'd escape any type of frozen noses and need for winter gear at all, but alas I do live in WI and there is no such thing as a lack for winter gear, LOL.

These antlered animals from ScrapFX are a fav!  They come in a pack of three and I love leaving the bodies bare and blinging up the antlers!!
Since I posted an off the page project yesterday as a blast from the past I thought I'd share a recent one today that I love just as much!  This one created using a shadow box kit from ScrapFX I'd been coveting since I started my DT term with them just under a year ago.  
ScrapFX Retro Flowers used here as snowflakes - worked out pretty perfectly!!
I needed the just right inspiration and project for this precious little box and creating a piece on my homestead in all its glorious beauty during winter was it.  There is just something so magical about the way snow settles on everything - and while I despise having to trek out in it - I love looking at it from inside the toasty comfort of my home.
ScrapFX Gnarly Tree from a Halloween release was a great addition for this wintery scene!
I tried to capture the essence of winter by using mediums, embellishments, and colors I felt would create a frosty effect without being too dreary. 
ScrapFX Shadow Box Small in its entirety.
The piece in its entirety really looks and feels like home to me even though we don't have any elks roaming through, LOL.  We do have deer, coyote, fox, and plenty of other wildlife however to keep us amused and the dogs on alert. 
ScrapFX Shadow Box Small from a different angle so you can see the depth of this cutie lil' box.  You simply piece it all together like a puzzle.  No adhesive needed! Love.
This is project is already proudly displayed on our wall - the hubs made sure of that - and reaffirms my lessons learned from my flashback that scrapping off the page is something my family really values and I really enjoy.  So we shall continue to deck our walls with handcrafted art as I'm not the only talented artist in the family.

Thanks for joining me today.  If you want details on how the pieces of this project were altered up please feel free to head on over to the ScrapFX blog were you can find my blog post explaining all of those deets for you! 

Have delightful Saturdays friends!


  1. another amazing creation! I love your idea of just blinging up part of that chippie! I love the look of snow too and it is super rare for us down here in GA, so it is fun to see your view :)

  2. Great job, love all the texture on your layout.

  3. I love looking at your beautiful work and finding all the little extras on the page.

  4. Scarlett, this is fabulous! I love your attention to detail when you are creating.

  5. I thought you looked familiar! I remember you from Scrapbook News and Review......Great textures and details! Awesome page!


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!