Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Can Finally Share!! ScrapFX Mini Album!

Oh joyful day!  I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be here finally sharing this ScrapFX project - eeps!!  Its been so hard keeping it under wraps!  Tons of pictures and deets to share so lets roll...

On the ScrapFX blog you will find full details/links for the chippies/stencils used in this album.  There is also a full tutorial there detailing every step needed to teach you how to bind in the same manner as in the above photo.
Love This View is a mini album dedicated to some of the shots I've captured around our land over the past year.  We were blessed to have moved here; it was this former big city girl's dream come true.  

Every page of this book is created on blank chipboard pages from ScrapFX - these are awesomely durable and come with orders to keep all your chippies/stencils safe and sound.  I just had to put them to good use!

Wordlets are dressed up with embossing powders and stamping.  Varying the types of powders used, how long I heated them up, and using tools (in my case a Q-tip) to apply Versamark to get a two toned effect are all ways to get different effects when embossing.
The Field of Flowers Piece is something I'm pretty pleased with - is that boasting too much? Sorry, I can't help it, it was a total experiment and when it turned out I was pleased as punch! Okay so here's the scoop: I took some flocking powder, mixed it with a little watered down paint, and threw in some beads to create my own paste of sorts.  At first it looked like a gloppy mess for reals!  I plowed through and started dabbing it on each little spot.  I didn't think it would dry so nicely but knew I had more of this piece cut off to the side so it was all good if the experiment went south, LOL!  Thankfully when it was all firmed up it looked pretty cool - kind of like a cattail - which is what I was hoping for!  I then sprayed the piece moderately with some gold mist and called it done one.

The full cover page before binding.  One of my canvas embellishment clouds created with a hand carved stamp made from a ScrapFX stencil.  In case you missed it, you can learn more about that here.  The black chevron pattern in the background is also created from a stamp I made using the ScrapFX Chevron stencil. 

The Hot air balloon is also ScrapFX chipboard, now let me explain.  There are hot air balloon chippies you can get - I love them, used them, had one left in a wonkin' size.  Wouldn't have worked here but I did have an itty bitty die from Crop Stop that I used on some plain ScrapFX chipboard and my problem was solved.  The birdie is ScrapFX all done up with gel pens....seriously peeps gel pens are the best for quick coverage on small pieces and maintaining the intricate deets that NO other company can deliver, in my humble opinion of course ;)

Still with me??  Grab a beverage and notepad...teehee....still lots to go! 
 One Fine Day Spread - Worldlet was coated with gesso and then I went over the words with a black pen to make the text pop.  Very simple.  The Flower Pattern Stencil, Small was used with black gesso to provide some pattern over the top of my background.
The background of this page, and all pages for that matter, has been done the same with layers of various mediums and mists - I think I'll do a tutorial so we don't get too wordy - let me know if you want that and if I get feedback I'll do one - if not I won't.

Love these little silhouette tree swing kids - did you know there are a ton of pieces just like this in the store?? Oh yeah....ScrapFX has lots of hidden gems.  Dressed it up with some micro cog flowers :)  These are simply coated with gesso and sprinkled with glitter while still wet and then I applied a flower shaped sequin with a little dab of puff paint to finish it off.

Lovin' the new arrows recently released and while some may be over them, I think its really a matter of what you do with an item.  Trends become old because peeople keep using them in the same plain way.  So I funkdified my arrows by embossing them with some stamps to enforce my theme (hearts for the love of sunshine and flowers for the love of pretty weeds LOL), then went over them with metallic paints.  I used baby wipes to rub away the paint from the embossed areas.  Outlined them with a pen roughly afterwards.  Added a cutie lil' bird from the Bird Family mini set all decked with lots of glitter (I make my own glitter glue concoction so I'm assured nothing comes off - I know peeps love their stickles and such, but I like the real deal!!!).  Added a big ol' googly eye and colored the legs/beak with a gel pen.

Yes, Winter is Pretty as a Picture here though I'm sick to death of it!!! ahahaha!  Sorry.  Once again a quickie embossing job to the wordlet with some chunky glittery powder.  Used one of my Antler Animals, left the body bare, and glittered up the horns - my fav technique for these!!

Sorry for the bit of blurriness here.  Lots of Retro Flowers both regular and mini sized used on this spread.  I once again made my own glitter glue mixture and decked out a bunch of them at one sitting - even had leftovers for another day!!!  Used the Arrows, small and Petal Pattern stecil with modeling paste to give texture to the background.  Love how the Petal Pattern looks like a snowflake on this page!

Oh my, can I tell you I've been holding on to my Weekdays set for I don't even know how long!!  I love, love this little pieces.  All you Project Lifers out there should really look in to getting your hands on these!  On the background of this spread I used bits from the Urban stencil to give some texture to the sides of the page with colored modeling paste.

The words are very simply altered with gesso and text stamping.  The text has meaning relevant to families.  The arrow box is painted with metallic paint, sprinkled with fairy dust, and outlined with bling.  I really am diggin' these arrow boxes as you get both the negative and positive pieces to work with!  Another bird family mini birdie this time decked out with tissue paper and pen word singing away with an embossed speech bubble - oh yeah I have neon yellow embossing powder that was passed down to me - its old school!!

All pieces done the same as the photo above just another close up for you to peep out. 

This is the Life, really.  I am so thankful each and every day for my family, for my friends, to be able to create things, to share my life and creations with you all, for my health while it could be better, it could be worse - I just sit back, think wow, and am amazed.  
Another wow goes out to you if you're still with me, LOL!  Thanks so much for hanging in there, I do hope it was worth your time.  Now you must head on over to ScrapFX because there is a full tutorial waiting there for you to soak in!!!!  It will take you step by step through the process of learning how to bind up your mini album the way I did.  The links for all the products I used are there as well!!  You'll see some of the same pictures but I promise the jabber stayed here on them ;)

Also be sure to let me know what you want to see tutorials/tips on!!  I really want this place to grow and become one where you come to for an interactive experience - lets share and chat peeps!!!  After all I was teacher you know and even though I can't be in the classroom any longer because my body won't let me, I can still throw down with some tutorials :) So let's get this party started!!!! 

Have wonderful days sweetie peeps! xoxo


  1. Awesome! I love how you played with colours and all the lovely decorations!

  2. This is so gorgeous!!! Oh ---- to see it and touch it in person!!!

  3. This mini is so packed full of goodness!! I can't believe all the wonderful different techniques with chipboard you've came together so beautifully! Well done Scarlett!

  4. Omg this is awesome, all the work, I would like a day just to go through it all. I would like a little tutorial just on one thing so I could give it a try. Love my little flowers they turned out perfectly and the retro arrows. Scarlett it really is wonderful.
    Now remember to keep things simple with your PL just to get it done, add your bits at the end if you feel up to it, that is my only advice and I think the size is perfect. I have noticed lately that a lot of "famous crafters" couldn't keep up with double 12x12 spread and have swapped to the snap albums. Ideal if you ask me.
    Just to unconfuse you son is a chef and he bought the husband has just , after 40 odd years decided that he likes to cook so he is trying out a new recipe every weekend, considering he had to google how to boil an egg he is doing an ok is my husbands cooking that goes on IG most of the time.
    Just wish my son joe cooked more at home his food is amazing.
    I have an arvo of peace today as everyone is out so craft room here I come.
    Can't wait to see your PL
    And happy birthday

  5. This book is amazing, my dear friend. And I'd love for you to do a tutorial talking me through your background. I can't wait to see what you create next.
    Peace! -

  6. Girl you know I LOVE this project. I especially love how you shot it- the white background makes for beautiful pop in the color and texture you used. Stunning really. I want to see more- share all your knowledge lady! Odd to try this binding stuff- been wincing my way through it for a while now- time to be BRAVE!


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!