Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boots, Sunshine, and Issues!!

Hello, hello. Its rumbling with thunder outside - hoping it'll let loose and pour the rain.  Before the skies went gray around here it was chores as usual out in the hot, hot day.  I thought I'd do something I'd been meaning to for a bit  - play with my iPhone and take pictures of my new cowboygirl boots!

This isn't the best shot of the actual boots but I wanted pictures with them on - I've got others that show the boots better but they also show more of my legs then I care to share here...unless I do a LO.....then all is fair game, right? LOL.

 I've wanted a pair for a long time - these seemed to be made just for me - my love got them for me and I've had them for weeks.  They fit perfectly, are great for wearing to do chores, and I can't get enough of wearing them!!  These boots bring a ton of sunshine to my day - and if you've been hanging around here for any amount of time you probably figured out I lurve me some sunshine!

Like this:

I was inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer to create my own stamps - I'd all the tools/supplies needed so when I saw her post some of her designs and tips I got to it - I also tapped the shoulders of some friends at SNR and asked for their help as well - the result was days and days filled with carving - seriously addicting thinking of and carving out designs - lots of trial and error -  this is one of my very favorites!

 or simply using sunshiny colors  - a couple pumps of the mist bottle bring me delight:

ScrapFX has come out with an amazing line of plastic stencils but the chipboard pieces also can make great stencils and masks!  Here I sprayed two shades of Dylusions over the chipboard and finished with some quick shots of Perfect Pearls mist - so sparkly up close

This is my happy color - a combo of yellows and golds -  when I've got a happy color going on I can create all day long-  add in some washi tape and I'm officially blissful!

I used Simple Stories Summer Fresh on this card - really likin' this line - first time using Simple Stories - the cloud washi is from Gauche Alchemy and is mixed with Smash tape and some from Target - used one of my new stamps I ordered from Paper Issues (<-- great deals here peeps on the latest and greatest) for the sentiment and had fun adding some quick doodles and splatters

I created this card for the Texas Crop at MSW.  Sixteen of the girls just spent the weekend together and had a blast - I wish I could've gone but it wasn't in my cards - anyhoo those of us that stayed back have some fun challenges to participate in.  The challenge I met was the TX challenge - use something big on a card, ATC, or tag - here's to hoping those big ol' butterflies fit the bill.  I am soo making them again and I am soo linking this card up at Paper Issues because I have issues!!!  
Really fun to find a couple sweet comments letting me know two projects (here and here) were featured on the Paper Issues blog and having new visitors swing by!   Thanks for featuring me Cassie and to the Gauche girls that popped by!  Welcome to those following along now - great to have you here!

Love the cool effects you get when using Instagram - I post a lot of in process pictures there as its fun to keep my own little log of stuff important to me  - there are other crafty peeps there too and its really neat to see what they're up to as well!  Next up ordering prints from online.  I have some really amazing shots of daily life stuff and I'm thinking the real deal is in order for some of them - don't get me wrong I love printing at home but processed prints hold up to more mediums and I say bring on the goop! If you'd like to follow along with me on Instagram my handle? (is that what you call it??) is kndr2tch.
The issue this week is washi tape and goodness I've got that issue covered well! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Inspiration Elevator July Guest DT

Good Morning Friends and Happy Sunday to you!  Ready to be inspired??   Sit back, grab something to drink, and enjoy because I've the amazing honor of being the first guest designer for the Inspiration Elevator challenge group and I can't wait to share what I've come up with - it was no easy feat I tell ya'!

So what is Inspiration Elevator??  Simple - its a group of fantabulous crafty ladies looking to take their own style to the next level by issuing monthly challenges that cause one to be taken out of their comfort zone (this month almost did me in!!! LOL - but seriously it did!).  The group began their journey in May with a challenge based around showcasing what their styles were, products/techniques they liked to use, etc.  Last month they looked at how to focus on the true reason for scrapping (gasp! there is a reason beyond all the fabulous papers, tapes, inks, and pastes one can use?? teehee) and focused in on the story behind the photos - to choose photos not because a cutie kid is giving the camera a cheesy smile but because they evoked some type of emotion/story.  This is month three and Audrey Yeager issued the challenge - here's what she had to say:

" I take a lot of photos.  Right now, I have been using 2 or 3 smaller photos on my layouts.  But truth is, I have a lot of events where I would like to include a lot of photos on a larger spread so that you can see the details in the photos to.  So I print out the photos with the intention of putting them on a 2-page spread...
I just can’t get it.  I feel like I have a certain style, yet when I sit down to create a 2 pager, it feels nothing like “me”. 
SOOOO, your next challenge is to create a double page layout.  And I don’t mean just any double page.  I want you to really think about your style and your design practices for single pagers (the first assignment helped us define our style, so think about those elements).  Then take those ideas and try to apply them to a double pager.   
Here are some ideas:
*Start by thinking of your canvas as a 12x24” size.  Before you even print photos or pick papers, try to envision (or sketch out) a design that feels like “you”.
*Once you have a basic design, think about the techniques that you love and where/how you will incorporate them on your page.
*Choose products that you would use for a single page layout.  If you use white cardstock as a base a lot of times, then use it on your double page.  If you mostly use patterned paper, then use that.  And if you don’t have 2 of the same sheets of patterned paper for your background, I REALLY challenge you to use 2 different 12x12 sheets for the base of your spread!  (Kim Watson does a superb job of using 2 different sheets for her backgrounds…if you have CK magazine, look at some of her pages.)
*Another way to approach this, (which I personally want to experiment with more), is to create 2 single pagers, but use the same papers in the same ratios.  The papers and the photos will help tie your design together.
You might do this challenge and not be happy with your first result, so I challenge you to KEEP TRYING!  Do a 2nd , double page layout and try to learn from your “mistakes” on the first one.
Also, if you typically DO create 2 pagers, then apply the same ideas to a single page spread instead.
As we create this month, if you have thoughts about your process or are struggling, OR you are loving what you are creating, share some of your ideas with us!!!
I can’t wait to see what you create!"
Okay so really??!  REALLY!!!???!  A two pager - ack!  I haven't done one of those since like - hardly ever!!  I never really did two pagers, just not my thing.  But alas I already said yes to the design gig, LOL, so nuttin' to it but to do it, right?
I worked my base on watercolor paper - this helps everything hold up a tad better, though I'm thinking with the way I'm using ink spray these days I need to get a heavier weight.  I spread some Liquitex molding paste through Crafter's Workshop stencil - allowed it to dry and then sprayed over with Dylusions ink sprays - have I told you lately how much I love them??!  True story - I only used three colors to create this splendid rainbow effect!!
My first thought after reading Audrey's challenges and tips to get started was to do my project straight up on canvas.  I could've sworn I had an 11x17 one and guess what?? I didn't - sigh - moved forward with my same idea on paper instead.

At this point I was pretty psyched about using this grid format and filling in the center with the title adding a few embellishments and calling it a done one - challenge met - the problem??  It didn't feel like that would be my kind of page - moving on - again.

With tons of my iPhone photos printed, I started playing around with placement and how to work in more than just three or four - which is already a lot for me.  I also really wanted to 'catch up' in a way with the other challenges through this one by creating a page that reflected my style right now and by using photos that were more than just smiling kids - combine all that with creating two pages worth and I was seriously perplexed on how to work it out.
I set about looking at my some of my recent one pagers and decided I needed to incorporate the following: 
 some type of scene
lots more paint, ink, texture, and layers
a few less photos but more than 4

I decided I needed to create my own sunburst stencil.  I've made similar ones for cards but hadn't ventured larger - now seemed like a good time - can I just say I'll be using this over and over for reals!  Love how it turned out - so stinking easy too - I only regret not making on some blank make-your-own stencil sheets I had.
 plus this:
I used a piece of ScrapFX chicken wire chipboard as a stamp using gesso - scribbled some NeoColors II over it - used a waterbrush to thin out.
plus this and a few extras:
These clouds were created using one of the new ScrapFX stencils - gesso was pounced through the stencil - allowed time to dry - sprayed over with Dylusions - patted dry over the gesso area to take up some of the color - outlined - and cut out.
 equaled this:
Now the fun begins!  Playing with different elements - building up layers - stamping - oh my!
Once I hit my comfort zone and decided this was going to be a ginormous page I had a much better time with things.  On the rare occasion when I've done two pagers in the past I worked on the pages as a whole and would cut them apart - with what I had wanted to do on an actual canvas being converted to paper this wouldn't work so I rolled with it - is that cheating??  Sure hope not - really don't wanna hack this baby up in two - wanna see why?

I'm giddy about this spread not only because I fit 9 photos of our life right now on it but because they are all interchangeable!!!  Yes I said interchangeable!!!! With the exception of two photos I wanted to be stuck forever the rest can be changed out to reflect our current Life Snapshots with ease!
Lots of Gauche Alchemy punchinella and washi tape used here along with some sequin trim and ScrapFX chippies - my fav are the Polaroid pieces!!
 Each spot containing a photo is placed in a clear pouch.  The pouch is sealed on three sides with one open for inserting you photo.  The back is already sticky and ready to placed on the page.  Talk about the perfect stash item for this project, huh?
The phrase I painted on the yellow patterned paper was found on Pinterest - one of my goals is to get some of the sayings I've pinned off the boards and onto projects or into a journal.  I used UTEE on the camera and word Snapshots - hard to tell in these photos but this technique gave them both shiny camera finishes.

Here you can see how I cut up some pieces of Hambly transparency to go over the picture.  I did this in a couple other spots as well.  Kind of fun to have to pull out the photo to see it fully.  This also shows my favorite cloud from teh ScrapFX cloud and raindrops stencil.
Title work - again a tad fuzzy - sorry about that.  Another fuzzy thing to peep out here is the journaling card mounted on some Hambly.  Thanks to my sweetie friend Michelle I had some Elle's Studio tags to create with - I was thinking this will make using these photos a breeze down the road and I do have plans for when I swap them out.
 So what did I learn from this tremendous challenge?
1. I'm not a two page scrapper and will look for any way to get out of having to actually cut down a large page to two

2. I like the idea of creating blanket pages where I can use up some more of these pouches and swap photos out.

3. I need some 11x17 canvases in the house, LOL

4. Its okay to veer off from original plans and run with the creative energy, take breaks when needed, and have fun.

I can't wait to see what all the other gals created and I'd love for you to check them out as well.  

 Are you up for this challenge??  If you so dare I'm going to try and get a Mr. Linky here for you to use so I can come visit when you've completed a two pager!  I'd love to have more double page inspiration from you all!

Have super days and thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting For....

Have you ever wondered when you started to blog if you use the same greeting every time??!  I do.... a lot.... not like its a big deal but still.... crazy things going through my head these days.... partially due to anxiously waiting/preparing to teach again!!!

This class is now available for purchase and already has students lined up!!  No waiting on this one, head on over to The Art Studio and sign up today!

Dylusions ink sprays blended to create a rainbow - only three colors of spray used - ScrapFX Small Petal Stencil used over top - seriously LOVE this stencil!!! 

Besides having cuckoo for cocoa puffs thoughts while waiting I've been playing around trying to figure out next steps in projects I want to get/have underway.

love using washi tape as borders paired with other border stickers - Studio Calico potty people make me smile - a little dash of white gel on on black Thickers goes a long way - star sequins make me smile - photos outlined with black gesso blend right in - Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection clouds make me smile.

I stumbled upon the SODAlicious blog via Linda.  She rocks out the AJ pages and the SODA blog is all about challenges and prompts.  I had heard of them originally via Michelle. She is an amazing trend spotter and has a knack of knowing all the coolest little known spots/manufacturers to check out.

layer upon layer of ink spray, watercolors, gesso, and modeling paste - stars created by rubbing paste through star shape punchinella from Gauche Alchemy - little butterflies punched from a rejected tag

The prompt this time around was 'waiting for...' - perfect topic for me at this moment - even though its grueling to wait on things in life I do find it refreshing knowing there is time within that wait to think things through, make changes where needed, etc.

Waiting For...  my classes to start of course silly rabbits!!!  Is it bad to say a teensy part of me wishes I was waiting to go to Houston??!  My gurls will know what I'm talking about!!  Sigh - next time for reals I'll be journaling on that wait!

For now as I wait -  I sit and play.

What has you waiting these days??  Counting down the days to anything special?

I know some of you may be counting down the days until I announce the winner of my class from this post - it'll happen tomorrow.  There were a few things I needed to get worked out before it made good sense to post a winner.  I do hope you understand.  I also hope you have great nights!

Take good care!

Friday, July 6, 2012

July Card Sketch - MSW

Hi!  Back again to share another fantastic sketch to play with.  This time from My Sketch World.

This tropical heat wave we're having prompted me to grab my stash of Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection and create a bright, sunny thank you.  What started out as this:

I {heart} my Dylusions ink sprays!!!  Wonderfully fun background created on Canson Mixed Media paper.
Combined with this sketch: 

My Sketch World July Card Sketch
 Inspired this card:

Before you gasp - I cut out a middle portion of the background to save for another project - it was too pretty to completely cover - but I wanted it badly for this card - LOL - the orange/yellow border is hacked up strips from another background I cut down for later use - I originally thought I'd use it for this card but the whole piece didn't work to my liking - glad to have worked in a few bits of it though
Layered Details:
Gave some of my new stamp sets from Studio Calico and My Mind's Eye a quick workout for the sentiment (MME) and clouds (SC) - and yep I totally hacked apart the cloud stamps for ease of use - lots of lovely layered bits - almost went without some splatters and upon taking a photo (I always view my projects better via picture) I decided I surely needed some black paint splatters.
 If you'd like to learn more on how to create mixed media layers on cards you should check out my class:

Save your seat now by heading to The Art Studio @ SNR!!
And don't forget my free class giveaway here!! 

Have fantastic evenings and stay cool!!  My poor baby has softball practice tonight and its going to be miserable for them - kinda hoping coach comes to her senses and cancels. ;0) 

Take care!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Sketch @ Skissedilla

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and a Happy Wednesday to everyone else!  At Skissedilla we decided a great way to celebrate the summer holidays would be to take a bit of time off so we could enjoy our families with no worries of deadlines (well at least I won't have Skissedilla ones to fret over, LOL). So one sketch, 7 RAKs, yes 7!!!  For this month.

Kind of fitting for today my page has a slight red/white/blue color scheme going on:
My take this week is a bit loose.  I started off with good intentions - really good ones - I was determined to use these pictures along with the background I'd created - creativity took over.  I was inspired by the messy circular lines and the grid of four photos - even though mine became a cluster the inspiration and ideas were sparked by the sketch.
I adore these pictures of my daughter when she was younger at Disney World.  She loves water and while the boys were on a coaster she and I discovered this fun spot to cool off.  She could have stayed for hours trying to plug the holes up. 

Skissedilla Summer Sketch - July
See what I mean by loose?  Its really okay, right? - that is what sketches are for - launchpads!

I really wish I could get better shots of things here on blogger - or in general I guess - there is a lot of subtle texture on the background you can't see in the picture - lots of raised droplets of Tsukineko Goosebumps texture spray - raised ridges of paint - I need to work on how to capture that stuff 
If you've been following along with me here for a bit you'll know I don't scrap typical Disney pages - I don't do themed pages from start to finish very well - and enjoying adding subtle touches - like the mouse sticker in the above shot - it was from a themed pack of stickers I had in my stash (read I bought a crazy amount of Disney themed stuff after our trip and couldn't scrap with it so the pictures and stuff all sat for years!!!).  How do you take on Disney pages??

Some lovely Hambly clouds in this shot - sad Hambly is no more - glad I scored some of the delightful transparencies from Paper Issues - the stamped waves over the washi and picture is prolly my fav part of this page - beyond the shots of my girl - you can tell how much she loved this attraction through them
I've been so behind on blogging I didn't post my take on Skissedilla 169!  Oy busy days!

Altered up my chippies using all sorts of mediums and techniques - wanna learn how to do some of these things and more??  Keep on reading to the end of the post to learn how to sign up for my Chipboard Mania class!!
Lots of ScrapFX chippies used on this page!!!  I love my ScrapFX chippies and can never get enough - in fact I had to place an order for beach and water pieces because I was down in the mouth I didn't work any in on my July page, LOL!

Speaking of chipboard - did you know I'm offering a Chipboard Mania class through The Art Studio at Scrapbook News and Review?

This class is on sale NOW and chock full of techniques and ideas for dressing up chipboard and making it your own!
To find out more about this class and see a detailed description you can go to my earlier blog post here.  You'll find a variety of different ways to enter yourself for a free class so be sure to let me know you popped by!  If you'd like to sign up or save a seat for my other classes you can go here.  Have a peek at all the other amazing classes being offered as well.  All the variety is amazing!

If you've made it to this point in the post - thanks!! Guess I need to get here more frequently so I'm not as long winded, LOL.  

Have safe fun days with your families whether you're setting off fireworks or laying low!!