Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Twelve of 2012?

Happy New Year to my friends who are already ringing in 2013 and wishing a fun celebration to those still waiting upon its arrival! :)

I'm jumping in, a tad late and less organized than last year, with my post of favs for 2012. Since I create all types of projects, however, I couldn't necessarily narrow it down to just 12, thus the question mark in my title!!  I'm really, really close though so I do hope you don't mind the couple extra eye candy goodies to peep out. 

In no particular order here are some of my fondest projects created during the past year 

Love the randomness of this LO documenting my daily life and favorite things: splatters of tar gel, bold colors, clouds, washi tape, chipboard, doodles - oh my!!!  Surely a Scarlett LO :)
Love this card for the embossed stenciling technique I used with Pan Pastels to boot!  The sunburst makes me happy as well!  Again lots of color, doodles and clouds - paired with some messiness.
This is a fav for the pictures first of all - love that I captured my daughter at 12 still playing with bubbles!  The background was totally fun to build up and I really like that it has an actual bubble wand on the page.
These artsy cards are made completely of scraps!!!  Lots of bold colors, doodles, clouds....yeah you all know me and my style by now, LOL!!!

Really love green - my favorite color - and I adore these shots of my boy's hand holding this itty bitty frog.  I'd been holding on to them for soo long and getting them scrapped was an achievement in itself - to like how it all turned out?? Even better!!
I often warm up my creative self with tag play - this was one I really liked and have hanging up in my space on a jump ring along with some others I'm inspired by - just a reminder to let go and have faith!

Ahh, my heart, my Vito.  Gone but never ever will be forgotten.  We didn't lose him in 2012, yet I was able to finally scrap about him this year.  This page is dear to me.
This is an arch I had published in an issue at SNR magazine.  I don't have many pictures of my hunni and I so this is kind of a fun way to show off one of my favs of us. I like the grungy textures and shower of sequins! :)

This double pager was done for my GDT gig with the gals of the Inspiration Elevator Challenge group - I was very honored to be their first guest and was terrified I wouldn't be able to meet the challenge but alas I did and I lurve this!!  The photos are interchangeable and I swap them out often to reflect the current haps of our family!

My first stab at bookbinding - woot! woot!!  It worked and I am hooked beyond belief - stay tuned because I will be giving some tutorials on the ScrapFX blog in 2013!!!  Lots of ScrapFX goodness all up in here!!

Love my cowgirl boots - what more can I say???  Well I can say I love ScrapFX stencils as well - all the purple chevrons were made from the rockin' Chevron stencil they have.

A photo taken with my iPhone then played with some photo apps, blew it up, printed it at home and mounted it on some wood and created to my heart's content to make my hubs an anniversary present.  We fly kites on our land a lot and see tons of rainbows so I adore the piece that sits in the center - really suited us.
Proud of the felt embellishments I handmade for this LO - I am typically not the sewing type whether it be hand, machine, or otherwise so these are truly an accomplishment! 
Thanks to all my wonderful followers and readers for your lovely comments and support throughout the year!!  It means so much to have had you by my side through the good times and the not so pleasant ones as well.  For the notes of encouragement, cards, and tokens received, prayers that have been lifted I am ever grateful.  In many of you I have found friendships I never could have imagined!  How blessed am I!!  I look forward to another year of friendship and love and making many new ones as well!!
Creatively this year was amazing for me in many ways.  I learned to fully embrace my style and really mix in my knowledge of goops/mixed media with my scrapping!!   I made my first manufacturer team, ScrapFX, and adore every minute of creating for them, with the product, and with a super group of gals! I delight in scrapping away with my chickies in Norway at Skissedilla!! I had the opportunity to GDT with some lovely ladies and spots.  I've had tons of fun taking part on Instagram with other creative peeps.
But most importantly I've learned its important to do what you love and stay grounded while you do it - I give God all the glory and praise for blessing my hands with the talent I have!!!  I'm looking forward to taking all I've learned in to 2013 and growing.

Thanks so much for joining me in this teeny bit longer recap - I wish you and yours many blessings and good things for the New Year! Scarlett


  1. Love your funky style Scarlett, so much inspiration in one post! Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Happy New Year Lisa!!! Thanks for stopping by and being such an amazing friend. :)

  2. Scarlett, this post is full of the most awesome eye candy!!!! LOVE.IT.ALL!!!! You are so talented :)

    1. Well shucks Ashli, thank you kindly!! So happy I've gotten to know you this year and look forward to growing our friendship! :)

  3. just found your blog and i m impressed, such lovely creativity :)
    following you

    1. Hi Magda! Welcome, so happy to have you joining me in my adventures :) Thank you for your kind words - I shall be visiting you soon!!

  4. Scarlett, your work is amazing, I will ave to go and look at all of those projects.
    Ha from Instagram I thought your name was Kendra but now I'm guessing there is a teacher in there somewhere, what grade, my daughter is in her last year at uni studying primary school from kindy to year 7.
    Thx for following my blog, I can't find a follow button on your blog maybe that's because I'm in reader or something so I subscribed instead.
    Oops just noticed some typos but my wont let me amend them, sorry

    1. Hi Linda!! Hooray for Instagram connecting us through blogland now too! :) LOL on thinking my name was Kendra you are right on with the teaching - I used to be a kindergarten/first grade teacher, then went to special ed serving K-8, when I started my adventures in blogland and such so I went with the username kndr2tch (kinder2teach). Alas my health took a turn on me and I had to leave the classroom 3 years ago. :( I still stay connected with tons of my families and kids I taught though so that warms my heart and lets me know I did my job well and served my purpose. Really cool your daughter is going in to the field - its tough at times but oh so rewarding. Wish I was closer as I could give her heaps of teaching materials and I know my hubby would appreciate them being out of the house, LOL. So happy to have you along now in my adventures here too!


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