Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Happenings in My Neck-O-The Woods

Sunday Greetings to You All!!  Hope this day finds you filled with

Take time and find joy in today! Delight in the little things. Celebrate the sweet peeps that stand by you, no matter what, everyday.  This day will only come once therefore make a joyful noise!
This photo is posted to my Instagram feed and my Facebook page.  To my real peeps responding - I'm responding back with a heartfelt message of joy and love because I think its important to make sure my loved ones know just exactly how much I care about them - some I've never even met and I think that is so cool!  Have you stopped and taken time to do that today??  Have you celebrated the little things??  I sure hope so.  Today only happens once you know.  ; ) 

*This is a lengthy post so this is your pre-notice. : )

This picture will also become part of my December Daily/ Journal Your Christmas album - yes I jumped on board this year and actually I didn't even plan to - ha!  I started taking pictures on the first and consistently kept up - yay me!  

December 1st
On the 1st of December I was to take part in quite a large and long craft show.  As some of you know my health challenges are extensive.  This is what you may not know I live with lupus, fibromyalgia, gastroparesis, and a sleuth of other complications/conditions because of the fore mentioned.  Chronic pain and fatigue are my foes - making it hard to create all I want to at times.  This wonderful friend was going to help me the day of the show - the night before I emailed and said I can't do it - I wasn't even able to create enough stuff - I was in tears.  She said, "Are you up for going out at least for a bit - perhaps window shopping??" Hmm, sometimes I'm embarrassed by my challenges and how I look (I'm terribly skinny and can't maintain wieght - people think skinny is a good thing - sometimes it means you're sick) and walk because of them, but I apprehensively said sure.  On this day I celebrated friendship and the fact I went out with a GF for the first time on my own in 6 years - oh yes you read that right - 6 years.
Then I instragrammed my friend Ashli a.k.a. soapHousemama (love that!!) and asked if it was too late to sign up for JYC20102 (Journal Your Christmas) with Shimelle because I actually continued taking photos everyday!! - she said no way and I was all about it because honestly I needed some focus and the sense of community to help me get grounded.  So here I am with photos in place and thought I'd share those while I'm in the process of getting my album together - I'm a slow creator these days. So sit back and I do hope you enjoy a glimpse of my December so far. : )

December 2nd
My handsome boy (actually a young man now - but always will be baby) standing in an old bank structure left as a historical landmark in our town square.  He chose the pose - love that he was a willing participant.
What a special treat to walk about with my son in town after he had his driver's ed course.  I love that he still wants to hang out with me at 16 - how blessed I am.  We walked around and chatted and just enjoyed each other.

December 3rd
Out and about on my own - our town is the Christmas card town - kinda cool, huh?
December 4
While I didn't actually take this photo on the 4th, I created it on the 4th.  This year I choose to walk away from the commercialism that has taken over the season - not that my kids won't get presents but its not the focus, KWIM?  I was totally dismayed this year on Thanksgiving to know people had to leave their families to go to work, seriously? - people were more concerned with 'getting good deals on stuff' and ready to shop. I mean really.  Just doesn't suit this gal at all.  I choose Jesus.  I don't choose to throw it in people's faces - but I won't hide it either - its my personal faith and love - the peace and joy I have found in Him is amazing and I thank those who have helped me along my walk. So this year I want to throw more of a birthday party round here and we are looking for a place to serve together as a family on Christmas Day.
December 5
A very special sister to me and Auntie to my kids celebrated her birthday on this day!  Instead of just posting a plain ol' greeting on her FB page I wanted to do something a bit more - and I'll totally admit I was not on the ball with getting a card out - so I put my daughter to work on a sign - she totally digs this kind of stuff - and we took this picture to post instead.  She loved it and I'm so glad she did.  You can tell how much my kids adore her because they both actually smiled in the picture, LOL!!
December 6
This was the 6th of December's sunrise at my house - breathtaking to say the least!!  There are no filters added to jazz up the colors - only some bokeh hearts over the top along with the text.  For me the text says it all. 
The love of God is better than my wildest dreams and I hold fast to this as my doctors have told me my medical conditions have come to the point of disability.  I used to be a classroom teacher and for some of you that know me well - you know this was the highlight of my life after being a wife and mommy.  I loved each and every one of my students as my own.  To hear this news was devastating - I held the hope of going back to the classroom and to know it was gone - well The love of God is better than my wildest dreams and there is much to come for me.  My path has changed and I feel new things on the horizon - great things are to come!!!

December 7
On this day I began creating - my intention was to really get going on my album - but I get distracted easily, LOL.  This CD and mainly this band keeps me going.  I received this in the mail - a gift.  All things come at just the right time. Love that!!
With the above CD going on my computer I was able to finally grasp some time to create - my space has been a bit of a disaster so smaller seemed more achievable.  I love handmade ornaments and since I'm pondering alternative options for a tree this year (thanks Amy!!) with 4 mischievous kittens (love them to bits - but they will be all up in a tree and I love my sanity more ROFL) in the house now, along with our other two that loved the tree too much last year - I went that route.

Not quite sure where these will hang if we don't actually have a tree but DD and I have some ideas up our sleeves - you'll have to stay tuned to our creative Christmas decorating. ; )
Noel had to be in the mix - made 5 of these total.  Wish I had more Maya Road rulers on hand because I was in the zone.
So there you have it - a peek in to the first week of December with me.  I have so many more pictures from this first week but these are some of my favorites.  It will be oh so much fun gathering together my thoughts and placing them in my journal to be documented for years to come.

Thanks for hanging on if you've made it this far!  I'd love to know what you've been up to this December so do share. : ) 
Take good care until next time - Scarlett


  1. Beautiful photos and the oranments, they look fab!! We have had oldest daughter birthday party (her birthday is a few days after xmas but most people are away so we have it early) harvest is finished and the sun is shinning brighty (live in aus) :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments on my ornaments Belinda! What fun for your daughter to celebrate her birthday early. I can imagine how it would get lost in the shuffle of things after Christmas. I've always wondered what it would feel like to have summer during this time - going to have to visit your blog to see! :)

  2. What a fun and fabulous post!!!!! LOVE this peek into your December :) We also do a B-day party for Jesus at Christmas. The kids love it! And, thanks for the sweet shout-out :)

    1. Oh my sweet friend, thanks for stopping by - always brightens my day to see your flower! :) We always had a party for Jesus when the kids were little and somehow as they got bigger we got away from it - poo poo on me. We should never become too old to celebrate His birth in a grand fashion! And you are so welcome for the shout out - you rock in so many ways!!

  3. Beautiful photos and love those ornaments!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa!! Glad you stopped by! :)

  4. Im so impressed with all that you have going on your faith just gets stronger, Scarlett! I love seeing a glimpse of your life in these beautiful photos, may the true meaning of the holiday season touch you and your family!

    1. Oh Jan, really happy to see you here!! :) If it weren't for my faith I don't know where I'd be - He is definitely my strong tower!! May your family be blessed this Christmas as well! Love you girl!

  5. Your ornaments are lovely and I love that you are all about sharing your faith - I join you in that ! We are shining our light in whatever places we are, and that is such a good thing. Your effects on your photos are beautiful! I pray that at least this amount of energy is what you are blessed with each day. Lots of love and hugs!

    1. Oh Ann, my sweet sister in Christ - I love that you share in rejoicing in our Lord with me!! We do shine and it is a good thing, isn't it? Thank you for your sweet comments on my photos and ornaments - whatever energy He gives I will use to the fullest!! Much love and many hugs right back to you!

  6. Hey there. I'm so glad to read you are keeping up the good fight through all your challenges. Whenever I get whinny I think about how sunny you are through the most challenging moments and I tell myself to shut up and start walking. :) I love that you are doing DD- I think it's the perfect project for this time of year- no need to get hung up on photos- just keep working - you never know where it will take you! I feel exactly the same way you do right now regarding classes- I need that spark I get from sitting with other creatives and looking at their work in person. I also agree that I was horrified by the Black Friday madness this year. I think people need to take stock and check themselves- this constant need to acquire is leading us to forget what it really important- family- gratefulness for what you have- community. This crazy rush to get stuff is the complete opposite of what Christmas is about and that makes me sad. Anyway not to be all Negative Nellie- I LOVE your ornaments!! They are fabulous! Hugs from NYC girlie!

  7. Woot! Woot! Michelle in the house - thanks for stopping by!! I know your schedule is crazy busy so it means so much you took the time to see me. :) I'm so glad I can be an encouragement to you but believe me I do have my moments so its okay to go ahead and whine sometimes too, LOL. Its also comforting to know I'm not the only one feeling all old school with values this year and to know I'm in good company makes it all the better. If you're looking for good community and company for December daily haps I highly suggest heading on over to Shimelle's place - you can't go wrong with lifetime membership - word. Thanks som much for the love on my ornaments they were super easy and I'm still trying to figure out where they'll go but at least they made me happy to make. Sending you some WI hugs right back and hoping I'll get to walk those fab NYC streets with you someday - so love watching you and Miss Lola's adventures. :)


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!