Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love Lives Here....

....and I am so glad it does!!! 

What? What? A post two days in a row?? I must have the December flow - and some mad crazy rhyme skills, LOL.

Today I happened to be gazing upon a favorite canvas of mine and thinking of all the canvas projects I have around my house I've never shared!! (insert a big ol' gasp here) Then I remembered my wonderful friend Ashli a.k.a soapHousemama (gosh she is ever inspiring to me) has this super cool feature on her blog (purplemailbox) called Layout Love Linky - you'll have to go there to see what its all about, but this month I'm linking up finally with a canvas project I've never shared here!

A sweet whimsical scene - so my style, right? For a sweet photo of my kids.  Really wish they were still this size.  They are growing fast!!  Had fun with creating a corrugated cardboard branch - some felt birdies - a tree swing very similar to the one my boy made for my girlie when we moved to our house here - transparency sun stitched with some sequins inside (see I can sew Ashli, LOL - tho' I did break the machine and had to have hubbie fix it) - real pebbles embedded to the canvas - and lots of paints, pastes, and other good stuff - any questions just fire away please!! I love to share. :)
This is a piece I created just for fun and used for my ScrapFX design team application - good thing I had it on hand. ; )

Here are a couple deets from my iPhone of course - the colors change a bit but i like to Instagram - if anyone out there can please tell me how I can get my feed in my sidebar I would be very thankful. : )

This chipboard house (pre-ScrapFX days) was decked with some  colored molding paste through a stencil and while that was wet I added the Maya Road window to it along with my papers.  Once dried I added my stamp and letter stickers.  Super proud of that word stamp I carved - totally won't lie considering it was only the second word stamp I ever carved!

Handmade flowers made with some of my My Favorite Things dies courtesy of the Scrapbook News and Review events I participated in.  Seriously love these dies!!!  I also used heaps and heaps of Creative Inspirations paints on these and this whole project in general. 
There you have it one canvas of many to come as I work my way to back share all of the gems tucked here and there.

Hope you've had a lovely day - I sure did!!  Spent it catching up with my best friend from high school and had such a lovely time.  Now its off to watch my daughter sing with her chorus and watch the band for the middle school Christmas concert and out to eat with the family!

Life is so good!


  1. OOOOOOOOH, I LOVE this! I don't usually go for the whole people cut out thing, but you have done it with such perfection!!! And now, I think I like it! All of the whimsical details are just fabulous. Thanks for linking up too :)

  2. Love your layout!!! and all the details, so cute!!!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and I have decided to be a follower, your work is to good to miss out on a post :)

  3. Oh wow. Just love your fun whimsical scene. Especially the bright cheery colours! :)

  4. This is a wonderful canvas. Love the bright colors!


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