Friday, December 14, 2012

Tonight I Will Shine a Light

It is with a heavy heart I write this post.  There will be no bubbly chatter, no creative endeavors to share.  I purely felt moved to share here what I've shared other places.

This image was taken from Facebook - the original source unknown as it is circulating amongst many.
It seems like such a small gesture amidst such a grand tragedy that has stricken this school, town, state, and country.  My prayers and sadness are endless for the families of those who lost loved ones today.  For a community grieving.  For a nation shook.

My tears poured out knowing how blessed I truly was because my children were going to come home to me and how on a daily basis I've taken that for granted at times.  How foolish.  So my light will shine here with prayer and my hope is you will lift some prayers, special thoughts, or your own way of remembering for these little ones and their teachers, now angels amongst us.  Give your own tight squeezes and be ever so thankful they are with you tonight.

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