Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcoming July with Open Arms!

Hi There!  Its July, can you believe it? Summer is flying by - here in my neck of the woods we're just finally getting the taste of it!! 
Much of June looked this:

Ominous skies looming over head and blowing in quite quickly.  This would happen all throughout the day off and on, day and night.  For the last two throughout June. Boo.
With this to follow:

Sheets of hard rain, along with high winds and hail at times, would come from those skies, lasting in various time frames.  Leaving pools of water and messes everywhere.  Heat and humidity would come after.  Just when you thought it was safe to go and do something - another wave would come in. Sigh.....
To say we've been cooped up would be an understatement.  We've dealt with terrible storms off and on for a couple weeks, horrendous winds, flash flood warnings, and it goes on.  The farm fields around our house did indeed flood - poor farmers, our ceilings sprung leaks, kennels are slop holes - poor dogs, and our basement is flooded as well.  Good thing its really not used since our house is a 100+ year farm house and the floors down there are dirt - yes dirt! - Its a mess. 

But with all messes and yuck - you find the good, right? 

In between storms this happened:

My boy has been holding it down at a new job and really lovin' the fact he is earning his own income.  When we were out strolling around town one day after dropping his sis off at softball practice he surprised me by taking me out for an ice cream!  It was so lovely to spend time with my almost 17 year old on a date. :)

And of course there has been oodles of crafting going on since we haven't been able to get out much!

Lots of ScrapFX chippies were used on this creation along with a stencil on the canvas.  Other than that she is made up of oodles of bits and pieces of found items that had been laying around my space for far too long!
I showed you a sneaky peek of this little Fairy Art Doll creation in my last post and since then the reveal was posted the ScrapFX blog so I can share her here now.  Kind of funky and different - totally fun to create.  To get more details on how she was created you can head on over to the full reveal post by clinking here

She shares a post with this creation: 

I cannot tell you how much I love the mini ScrapFX chipboard pieces!!  They really are so versatile for all sorts of crafty projects.  You should seriously put a bug in your favorite crafty store's ear about carrying ScrapFX products!!  Its really very easy for them to get started!
A mixed media canvas based on one of my favorite songs I used to sing to my kiddos when they were itty bits!!  To see the full reveal of this creation I'd love for you to go here and let me know what you think. 

Well that is all for today, I'll be back again soon as I've so much to share now that our internet is up consistently with sunny skies in the forecast for some days!!  Hooray!  Bring on summer please. :)

Take good care and have wonderful Mondays!


  1. Gosh I hope the weather is better now- the photos are stunning! Lovely projects and texture as always- I have to keep u comment brief as I am using my iPod and it tends to freeze up if I make more than 2 spelling errors.

  2. Ps see? SO ANNOYING!! :) I wanted to add that I love your chippie doll- that is a great idea!!!

  3. Beautiful work, girlie! Hope you are drying out this week as we are only suppose to get rain up here on Wed or Thurs.


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