Saturday, July 13, 2013

Golden Skies - Skissedilla Summer Sketch

Hey Sweetie Peeps!  Its been a bit and I do apologize for that.  Right now I've got some things in the works taking up my time - very exciting, but can't share just yet - and I also am working out some ideas on how I want to change things up here.  There is so much I want to share (tutorials, AJs, tags, altered art, canvases, scrap pages, life moments, cards, PL, etc.) yet always to tend to fail/flop in doing so and my goal is for you to get so much more out of coming here. So yeah as The Brady Bunch would say, "When its time for change, you've got to rearrange...." Does anyone out there remember that song? Ha! 

For today though I'm sharing the Skissedilla Summer Sketch created by the wonder woman of sketches, Nabon.  This sketch has a longer running time than our normal weekly ones so there is plenty of time for you to join in and I do hope to see lots of you joining in!

For my take I did a little rearranging of the photos but other than that I followed along with the sketch fairly well.  Of course I had to use some summer photos and chose some from last year when we were driving home from a family outing.  The sunset was gorgeous and much to my kiddos dismay I had my hubs pull over when I noticed one of my favorite herds close to the road.  I so love cows!!!

My background is made up of some messy painting and stenciling with paste, easy peasy.  Then I layered on a piece of text paper I used for misting over.  This is one of my little tricks - I use text paper in the box I mist in then I have it for later use.  The colors blend themselves as I go along and I always have beautiful pieces at the ready.  The sun up top is a hand-carved stamp stamped on canvas with metallic paint, chipboard is ScrapFX, and the rest of the page is really put together with just bits and pieces.
And that my friends is how my summer sketch page came together.  Be sure you head on over to Skissedilla to check out the rest of the team's inspiration and get on creating a page of your own too!!

I'll be back with a ScrapFX share and then there may be a break again while I continue to work on revamps.  Hang in there with me sweetie peeps, good things to come!
Have wonderful days, take good care!!!


  1. HOW...;LOVELY!!!
    This is beautiful again :)

  2. Hi Scarlett! I can't even tell you how much I love your work! These pages are amazing, creative, and so beautiful! I am especially loving your first one and the message behind it! (I need to hear that right now!!!) and thank you so much for your visit to my blog!

  3. This is gorgeous! I am intrigued by your new ventures! Can't wait to hear more!!!

  4. Fabulous project Scarlett! Love all of the details.


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