Thursday, June 20, 2013

Its a Girl!!

No I haven't been hiding any secrets from y'all.  There aren't any bundles of joy blessing this household....we're too far on the side of teendom to be starting anew - ha!  I still have oodles of fun creating for those friends and family members just starting out though - and who am I kidding??  Its just plain fun to play with baby themed stuff sometimes in general, right?! ;) 

To deck out this stork I used some fluid acrylics on the body and then roughed it up a bit with my finger while the paint was still wet to give it a bit of texture making it look perhaps a little fuzzy. The rest of the body was colored with some gel pens - easy peasy.
Like this cutie lil' stork from ScrapFX.  This month's releases were all about the itty bits - you know bundles of joy.  Perfect timing for me since a GF just had a cutie puh-tootie girlie.  Oh my is she ever adorable.  Gave me a bit of baby fever when I went to visit and then I came back to my senses LOL.  Its always good to know you can visit whenever you want and give the baby back at the end of the day!! Just sayin'. 

Normally I'm not one to leave my chippies naked - I just don't do that look well, but since there were so many colors/patterns going on in the card itself the sentiments really didn't need to be altered up - so bare chippies it was.  I did outline the word girl with a white gel pen because it seemed like it was the thing to do.
I set about making her a card.  I'm all about ramping up my skills these days and went with a side step card.  I know for some this type of card is old school - for me this was the first one I'd ever done!!  I'm totally hooked and can't wait to make more.  What types of cards have you made?  Do you any ideas for me to try?  I'll share directions on how I did this soon - I have to figure out the best way how.
And since this is a post about girlie things I figure I'll leave you with a sneaky peek of my upcoming ScrapFX project which happens to be of a girl:
Here I've had a ton of fun putting some of the new mini chippies from ScrapFX to use along with some large butterfly wings to create a whimsical artdoll!!  Oh yeah - cannot wait to share next Wednesday!
I'm quite smitten with this lil' sweetie and can't wait to show you all of her - she might look a little a different by next week but this is her so far.   

Alrighty sweetie peeps, that is all for today.  Make it a beautiful day no matter what you face!

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