Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Haps and a ScrapFX Canvas

Hi There!  Boy oh boy its been hot, hot, hot and you know what??  I'm not complaining one wee bit.  I'll take this heat over being cold any day for real.  

My little chickadee, a.k.a niece, was here for some days along with my nephew, and we had to make a shopping run to get some things for while they were here.  On top of the list were foam water blasters for keeping cool!!! The bean bag in the back was already set to be bought for my daughter's room ;)

Bubbles were a must have as well!!!  And yes my lil' chickadee is wearing mittens in this photo - ha! 

And you know what? Having a big cousin with a job is totally cool because when you hit up the mall (this was on the day we picked them up because there isn't one in our area) he not only gets himself a hat but he gets you one too!!  So proud of my guy.  It was the perfect thing to have for watching the soccer game big cuz' was in later that evening. 

So yeah it was totally fun having these kiddos here with us for just under a week - really bummed to see them go.  My baby girl went with them to help watch the Chickadee while her mama works throughout the rest of July and then they are all moving to South Carolina. :(  Thank goodness we'll see them lots before that time!!  

So it seems appropriate that today I share with my full reveal of the canvas I made recently for ScrapFX using lots of the mini chippies and tons of their alphas.  My niece and nephew are definitely sunshine to my day and having them here was absolutely delightful.

To see more detail on this canvas and the products used you can check out the full reveal here.

Thanks so much for letting me share some pictures and memories of whats been going down around here, along with a scrappy project - how has your summer been??  

I'll see you in a just bit with new things and a re-energized outlook on blogging!!!  I can hardly wait to share all I've been thinking of and I hope you'll be looking forward to it too!!

Take good care sweetie peeps!


  1. Your canvas rocks!!! Amazing use of color!

  2. dear Scralett... I know I'll repeat the same thing again and again but... I.LOVE.YOUR.ART!
    your canvas is amazing, all that colours are really starting me up for my day! and by the way I love that song...
    and your niece is really charming :)
    hugs my friend :)

  3. Looks like you have been having fun! LOVE that canvas, girl!!!!

  4. Hi Scarlett! You made such a wonderful and happy work of art! I love it and everything about it!!!! And your photos are wonderful, too. I have to agree with you . . .I would want it like this (hot and humid) over being freezing cold, too!

  5. Whoa! Love this canvas, Scarlett! The colors are amazing and I love the ombre affect.


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!