Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm Back with some Happiness Captured

Hey There Sweetie Peeps!  How in the world are ya'?  Hope summer has been treating you well.  Life is pretty good around - not always a bed of roses - but really who has it that way right? 

Over the past several weeks I've taken time to really delight in the little things - like having my son, about to be 17 in a couple weeks, come to me happy as could be with this butterfly on his hand.  It was newly hatched and just pumping its wings.

My chickadee, busy lil thing she is, celebrated her third birthday at our house this year!  What fun that was and to have grandma send along a special Barbie cake to boot - awesome.  Haven't seen one of those since I was a kidlet.

Taking walks with my number one dog dude around our land is always relaxing and he is the best doggie model I know - I mean look at that cheesy smile with those pearly whites. :D

 Both the nephews loosing teeth during the same stay at auntie's house?  That is certainly something to be captured and to be happy about.  Too funny. 

And what is there not to love about a girl and her kitty taking a nap together and looking just the same LOL!  Adorable I tell ya' - well I guess I might be a tad biased, but still. 

These are the things that keep me going because when its all said and done there is still lots of this for me:

Ahh yes the chronically ill person's med arsenal - and this is just a fraction of what they would like me to take.  During my break from blogland I started seeing yet another set or I should say sets of teams of docs.  I leave everyone perplexed.  My body fails me and blows their minds.  

I get asked by people all the time how do I stay upbeat, keep smiling, encourage others, etc., etc., etc.  Whelp.  I just showed you a heap of reasons.  I also give all the glory to my God.  I don't write that to force it upon you, I just know He is what gets me through and gives me hope for tomorrow.

Then there is my art.  This fabulous world of papercrafting and art where I've gotten the chance to 'meet' and connect with so many beautiful people.  I delight in creating and what is crazy is this - if I hadn't become as sick as I am I wouldn't create as much as I do.  My path was changed in many ways and I'm learning to embrace it - though I miss my former days of teaching kidlets desperately at times.  Days can be hard but there is a reason for everything. It is through this I'm motivated now more than ever.

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.  So I'll keep on keeping on and I hope this inspires you to do the same when life can feel rocky cuz' man oh man - I know how that feels.

These last two projects are currently up at ScrapFX if you care to swing on by and check them out and get more info on how they were created and what products were used.  The LO was also created using this week's sketch 220 at Skissedilla.  You should on over as well to join on in the fun with us.

 Take good care!!

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  1. such a sweet post, my friend! And I like the look of your blog :)


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