Thursday, June 6, 2013

Layin' Low - ScrapFX Style and IRL

Hey Sweetie Peeps!  Happy June to ya' - a few days late but hey as my title says I've been layin' a bit low.  If you recall from this post, my baby girl received a concussion.  I knew she'd need TLC to the max and I gave it - no doubt.  I mean who could resist this crazy cute lil' lady below!!
Okay so I know this is a very crazy picture to post but my silly lil' lady has wanted this to go up somewhere, so her wish is my command.  This is her before the concussion took her out.  Acting like her goofy self - something I totally love.
What I didn't expect and know were all the symptoms and just how sensitive one can be after concussions happen.  One little bump in the hallway combined with over heating and we found out it wasn't a good mix - she was in really rough shape, needing care to the extreme. I share this because I had known concussions were serious business people - but not this serious and I really want you all to be aware.  So in short what I've learned:
  • its no longer like when we were kids - you don't just get up and brush it off - take serious falls well seriously!
  • concussions come with a ton of symptoms I would have never imagined and take a long time to recover fully from - get the info from your docs and follow it
  • be your child's advocate and ensure people respect their limitations - my hubs had a hard time dealing with this being as serious as it was - see point one
  • re-injury can occur from the slightest impact 
  • once rechecked there is still a decently long time frame where everything needs to be done in moderation and your child needs to be monitored
I'm happy to say she is doing much better, is slowing easing back to things, and is looking forward to the end of the year - as am I.  I was afraid I'd have to bust out with the bubble wrap to protect her - ha! and goodness knows I love to use that on projects so I'm glad its staying tucked in my craft space.

These Hash Corner Chippies from ScrapFX rock my world peeps!  They fit around a 4x4 photo perfectly - ahh!  What a funky fresh frame, right? 
Now here's the other way I've been layin' low!  On a scrap page for ScrapFX - see the little flag being pulled by the plane??  Totally had a blast going crazy with the texture and neon.  I'm so glad this is back on trend - this was surely something I loved growing up!!!  I rocked it with then best of them ;)

This is another cool little frame piece from ScrapFX that wasn't intended to be a frame but with a few snips here and there became one and gave me a few little leftover pieces to have for later - bonus!
It was also super fun to scrap about city life.  I think most of you that visit me know me best for being a country gal but I was born and raised a city slicker and a piece of my heart will forever be there.  I miss it so much sometimes yet wouldn't trade what I have now in a million years to go back.  Crazy right? 

Tons of texture created on the background from pastes, embossing powders, inks, and ScrapFX stencils.
 The final culmination - I used a lot of techniques on this page and will be breaking them down here with some steps x steps for you soon.  My design was based around my title which is one of the techniques I'll share.  Because of the box shape I needed to cut I went with a more gridded type design overall - perhaps creating a city skyline effect??  At least in my mind this is how I like to look at it - LOL. To read more about this page and see the other projects I created you can to the ScrapFX blog here.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and reading through my little public service announcement.  I appreciate your visits so much and look forward to getting back in action. Hooray for healing paths!!!

Take good care friends!


  1. So glad she is doing better Scarlett and getting back into things.
    Your layout is fabulous as usual girl! Loving the neon pink!

  2. Oh my! I am so glad to hear she is on the mend - how very scary! Also, love your page... of course! You are so very talented, my friend :)

  3. It's good to read she's doing better. Concussions have been in the news around here a lot because we Canadians love our hockey - where there can be lots of head injuries, so there is a rising awareness. You're right, though - in our generation, if you got your bell rung, you might have sat down for a little while until you stopped seeing stars, and then you got back at it. Again, so glad to hear her brain is healing. What a fun page - love the textures and bright colours! Thanks for sharing your creative gift! - Ann Jobes


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!