Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Concussion , A Sketch, and A Winner!!!

Good Day Sweetie Peeps!  Quite the post title, huh??  Well its been quite the week so far around my house so a dramatically long post title seemed fitting.

Long story short - she was playing softball in gym, slid into a base, got tagged in the face (late if I might add...ugh but anyways) HARD with the ball, and her head as a result hit the ground HARD.  I won't go on and on, because really in the grand scheme of things I have my baby girl in tact - walking around - not in the hospital - at home with me.  She was able to go back to school, under restrictions of course, but still - really blessed all things considered.  She had her vision blurred, couldn't walk in a straight line, major headache, and was dizzy beyond belief.  I'm thankful the damage done wasn't worse. Counting blessings.
Baby Girl took a horrendous blow to the head at school on Monday.  Diagnosis? Yep, you guessed it - concussion. :(  She is okay, still feeling effects from it but will heal completely in time.  Her feelings are more of devastation at this point because she will miss out on playing with her traveling competitive softball team that has games and a tournament coming up - it means the world to her.  She means the world to me and is okay - that is what matters most!  Tough to tell a teen though ;)   

Mama Lessons Learned: 
  • Your teen will delight and embrace cuddles when stuff like this goes down - embrace them too!
  • Help your child understand accidents happen and teach forgiveness through it
  • Kindly remind the school it is their duty to send children to see a nurse whether the child thinks they need to or not 
  • A teacher may call and amaze you with their genuine words of support, prayer, and love for your child
  • Focus on the blessings
The lovely Nabon created this week's sketch.
A new sketch is up at Skissedilla.  Been there since Sunday - have you seen all the inspiration?  New DT friends too??  Lots of fun and a couple of ways to win a RAKs - be sure to check it out - there are two posts.  One with the sketch and with the new DT announcement.  Hope you play along! :D

I must give a big shout out to Lindy's Stamp Gang - I've had their powders and mists in my stash for a few years - used to use oodles, then got distracted with something else - but on this page I used some of their powders and my waterbrush and LOVE the intensity of color it brought in combo with my fav watercolors. 
My crazy busy take. Ha!

I like: 
  • the colors - really feeling this combo, wasn't sure at first but will use it again
  • the deer...sigh I love them and am so happy to have this die!!!
  • the picture - what a crazy beautiful sunset we had on this particular evening
  • the ScrapFX chipboard title - I really wish you could see the altering to it better
  • the black gesso painting, oozy drippage from various mediums and watercolors, and stenciling
I'm meh about:
  • the clouds - ugh!  as much as I adore my clouds - as you can see in my previous post every project had them I believe - LOL - these just aren't cutting it for me, they're too bright and I couldn't tone them down without making a complete mess so whats done is done. 
  • the blank paper to the right of the photo in the frame - I really want to journal there but am highly unsure of how it will look, so there it sits blank 
  • the word love being written backwords - this is actually an embossed stenciled piece from Ronda Palazarri's Pie Chart stencil so it came out the wrong way - it works but I'm meh about it
A winner!!!  Before I tell you who lucky number 5 is I have to say thank you so very much to each and every one of you that visited my blog during the ScrapFX DT Intro Hop.  You all were so kind and left me such wonderful, supportive comments.  I must admit I was a tad nervous putting myself out there, I'm kind of shy by nature.  
  • To know I inspire you - spectacular and humbling.  
  • To know I have prayer support from some of you amazing and awesome! Truly thank you.
  •  To know I have some of you saying shake your biscuits - totally funny and makes me smile from ear to ear!!!
Number 5 was (this is taking fellow DT members out of the comments):
I love all these pieces but the one witht he german shepard is wonderful to me. Great work. 

Cindy please email me your mailing info - you can use the big envelope on the side to get in contact with me - and I'll get you a little package of ScrapFX goodies together and mailed off!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Take good care.


  1. WOW what a week for you - hope your daughter is back out on that field real soon but enjoy the time you have with her in the meantime :)

    1. Thank you Jo. As much as I want her to heal and get back out there I will admit I don't mind the extra cuddles and snuggles with my teen. So I am enjoying it. :) xo

  2. Oh dear! This is terrible! I hope that your little girl will soon finally be able to recover and return to normal life, according to a concussion - a rather severe condition: ((

    1. Yeah it was quite the terrible day and we've had a really long week. Schedules and daily life are really off right now, but she had a pretty good day yesterday so I am hopeful that things will get better from here. Thank you for your care and concern - I've missed catching up with you over the past few days. xoxo

  3. Hi Scarlett
    I hope the headaches are gone and that we are on the road to recovery. It was wonderful to see you write that a teacher had phoned to make sure your daughter was ok.
    Now you have used one of my favourite photos on that LO and how could you not mention that flower! I love that flower.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Linda,
      She is still having headaches but they aren't lasting as long throughout the day. I'm hoping the long weekend we have here in the US will help her rest enough where she can get over them. She is really not one to be held down and I think the school day was a bit much and too loud. It warmed my heart to get the call from the teacher too - speaking of teachers how did everything go for your daughter??
      Ah yes that flower - I should have mentioned that as a like too - I do rather like it as well and the fact I hand rolled it is something to be pleased with - thank you. :D
      Have a wonderful weekend too! Hoping to see you on Instagram. xoxo


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!