Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project Life - Some Fav Recent Inserts

Its Sunday, hope you're enjoying it!  In my neck of the woods today is always a day filled with softball (baby girl played a bit today!!!), watching the hubs work with his clients here training dogs (if our softball games aren't out of state/town), and doing some Project Life work in the evening once home.  I've also now added in running my boy to his newly acquired job - Phew!!  This lil' mama is tired - ha!

This is my intro to the month of May insert - I used a new product from ScrapFX - a Kraft base!!  These things are awesome and I feel so spoiled because they are like a mixed media artist's dream come true!!!  It stood up to all my goops and didn't even warp - I was in awe I tell ya'!
Not too tired however to push around a few bits of paper, some paints, and whatever else may be laying around my space to create some cards and inserts though!

This photo is an example of one of those that sadly isn't fully scrap worthy but I love it to pieces!!  I have another insert that has a lot of journaling on it to go with this one.  I used lots of mini ScrapFX chippies on this insert along with another Kraft base.
This is still what thrills me the most about PL -  I have energy for it because an insert or two doesn't seem as daunting as a LO may when I want to get creative on a Sunday evening as things wind down.

This is a photo I took based on a prompt from a photo a day post - can't remember which one as I follow along with two - however the point being is I wouldn't have taken this shot at all had it not been for these prompts.  This is why I try to participate in them.  I don't think I've ever completed a full month but the shots I do get are always ones I'm really happy with.
It also really helps me clean up my space from a hopefully productive week of creating and I'm making some major dents in my stash.  6x6 pads are diminishing, scrap bags are quickly disappearing, and embellishments/stickers are going away.

This is one half of a Prom spread I did and there will be more Prom pages to come.  I had so many fun and terrific shots from this day its hard to pick and choose.  I went with all the same colors and papers to make it easy and also decided to print some of my fav photos the size of the pockets and work straight on them.  This was something I really liked doing and will surely do again - made it all come together lickety split plus really highlights the photos.
So what nuggets of knowledge do I have to share with you this post?
  • My PL album is readily grabbed/looked at by my teens - they totally love seeing themselves, our pets, homestead, life represented and my thoughts on it - this makes it worth it and they don't care if a day....or two, or three is missing!! ;)
  • Taking the time to make artful inserts is so worth it for mind and soul - not to mention the uniqueness it gives to the album and future ideas I've gotten for other creative endeavors
  • Printing out photos the size of inserts and working on them as a base rocks!!  Quick and easy.
  • I love using the photo a day prompts put out there by websites and some IG peeps to help me get shots during the month. I journal heavily when I post my photos - its easy to then take these photos/journaling straight to the PL album
  • Don't worry if everything matches at all times - for my prom pages (there is another spread to come soon) I matched everything because I wanted a flow, but my daily life stuff is really all over the place and each insert is different, just like each day.  
So yeah PL in my world is going pretty doggone good with a no pressure attitude and monthly schedule.  I'm still happy as a clam I dove in - have you taken the plunge??  Did you join me in the craziness called Project Life?  If you did, or already do let me know so I can hop on by - I'd love to be inspired by what you do!

I'm off for now to go hang with the fam, watch movies,  and make inserts!!
Take care sweetie peeps!  Its going to be a good night around here - no alarms going off in the morning - woot!

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