Saturday, May 25, 2013

ScrapFX Tutorial, New Mini Releases, and Store Listings

Greetings Friends and Happy Saturday! 

Oh how I love Instagram - I've discovered so many lovely people there and made some fabulous friendships.  I can be found @kndr2tch - leave me a comment with your handle - is that the right word??  I'd love to find your feed.
A couple weeks ago I shared a page created for Skissedilla and the above photo was one of the shots I posted to Instagram.  I had lots of positive feedback and my wonderful DT leader from ScrapFX said she'd love to see a tutorial on how I did the leaves - yep they're chippies all altered up.  So I happily obliged and the post is now live on the ScrapFX blog.  To see the tutorial you can go here. Let me say you'll be shocked how easy it is to get this look!  If you check it out, I'd love for you to leave me a comment and let me know you think.

I can hardly wait to work with these pieces and this is just a glimpse of the goods - oh yes there is even more mini madness to be had!!  These will be so much fun to add to my PL pages and cards and LOs, and.... ha!  They're just really perfect for about any project - officially giddy here.
Another Instagram shot here featuring the latest releases that will be coming soon to retailers carrying ScrapFX!!  Ahh!!! I'm smitten, in lurve, head over heels - all that and then some! haha  These were well received and liked up but here's the thing most people don't know where to find ScrapFX.  There are a few stores that do carry it and I'll get to leaving you links here in a minute, but what you can also do is get to asking your favorite stores to start carrying it!!  ScrapFX is hot, hot, hot with a large product line of chippies, tags, stencils, and more.  The information for retailers in right on the ScrapFX homepage here . I also have some really great news for my blogging friends - I'll be re-opening up my shop where I sold ScrapFX this summer!!!!  I need to get my friends enabled - ha!  So get your lists of must haves going so when I put out the what you want to see request you can answer! :D

Here's a list of what stores I absolutely know carry ScrapFX - there are more but these are the links I could find for you right now.  I'll add more as I get them.  Don't be shy in contacting them and asking for a specific products like in the above photo, you never know if you don't ask.  These just came out so they're ready to ship!

The Pink Ladybug - Aus - closing down sale going on now

Hope this helps those of you that have been seeking ways to get your hands on some ScrapFX goodies.  I'm looking forward to helping you out soon too!

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  1. Went over and checked out that tutorial! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


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