Friday, May 10, 2013

Project Life - Still Truckin' With It

Happy Friday!!  Its Mother's Day weekend so I do hope perhaps there is something special, fun, or just plain relaxing planned for your agenda.  On tap for me its Prom for my boy and softball for my girl.  Lots of fun moments to capture for the Project Life album, right?

Here I used ScrapFX scribble sentiment and turned it in to a sun by adding some wire pieces to the back.  It has been so long since I played with wire!!  The photo of DS on this spread is one of those I'd probably never scrap yet is really important to me.  He was so very sick this year at the tail end of winter and over spring break.  This was him at home and while I wouldn't really scrap this on a LO it works for PL.
So Project Life is still going strong for me.  Here's a list of some of the things I love about doing PL:
  • Capturing the everyday photos I take that may otherwise go unscrapped
  • Taking the time to tell more intimate versions of stories - its becoming like a diary for me
  • Incorporating past bits of art like ATCs, tags, scraps of unused experiments, etc.
  • Using up my stash of paper, stickers, and other bits of crafty stuff 
  • Taking the time to do a project geared for me, in the way I want to do it - this is HUGE!!!!
The pictures here are probably more scrap-worthy and may appear on a page soon, yet I still wanted them in the PL album as well.  This is the cool part of PL - being able to use photos again and see them more readily.  My adore journaling card is handmade with a ScrapFX stencil and this is the part I'm really diggin' - having a bit of artsy play while doing PL.  Really freeing and stress relieving for me.
 I'll admit finding the time to actually sit down and do this isn't always the easiest.  I've got deadline to meet for other creative endeavors.  There is always household stuff to do, schedules can be hectic, time can be pressed.  We all get in those binds right?  Here is what I'm learning: 
  • I've got to make the time to do it - its hard to be disciplined sometimes
  • Its truly okay if I don't have something done for each day of a week, every week, if dates aren't exact, etc.  Its about the stories and what pictures I do have in there when it comes down it.  My PL album is run on a monthly scale for this reason.
  • Chipboard is my best friend when it comes to PL - ha!  I use it endlessly to embellish and it makes it a snap for me to add a piece or two and go.
  • Size choice is an important consideration when taking on this endeavor.  The 6x8 - 8x8 size pages work well for me.  Sometimes I'll pump out a ton of spreads at a time because there was so much going on and others there will be just one. I think if you're going to take the leap you need to think about what size will help you be successful.
The spread together - I used an older ATC I made on this to reinforce the theme of home.  I really like the fact I'm actually getting these tiny pieces of art out and displayed finally.  I've had them in a binder in baseball sleeves, but it didn't really feel meaningful, KWIM?  Now when put in context with pictures and journaling they take on a new level.
 So here's to those wondering if you should join in on the Project Life bandwagon - I say go for it!  I started my journey in March - yes March.  I had watched in awe from the sidelines for quite some time thinking that looks like fun.  All those little pockets of memories - yet I had the mindset I'd be a failure.  It would be a project I'd start only to not keep up with and set aside.  I'd waste money on buying all the 'must have' items and there they would sit.

Ahh yes, spring finally arrived at my house??  Not sure.  Its actually really cold here again and one never knows what will happen.  This page documents the little teasers we've had of it along with the love of a beloved pet.  Again lots of ScrapFX chipboard and some handmade embellishments I made using their stencils helped me whip up this page.
 I've thrown those thoughts aside though - my life doesn't look like what I can buy in any kit and I would imagine yours doesn't either.  I'm not bashing kits or the buying of them - believe me if it was in my budget I'd probably pick up one here and there.  But I'm saying its not necessary to have.  My life doesn't start and stop on any specific date so why should this project have to?  My life has its ups and downs just like this album will show and tell.  This is what I truly love about Project Life - its a diary of our lives right here, right now - through my eyes, my lens, my voice - that I'll leave behind.  No creative assignment is attached to this - I share it here and on the ScrapFX blog, yes but out of a love for wanting people to know you CAN do this if you been wanting to and think you can't.  I didn't think I could but here I am - doing the Project Life thing, in my own little way. 

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. These are wonderful Project Life pages, Scarlett!

  2. Good on you for sticking to PL! The pages look great!

  3. Love your blog and creativity!

  4. Well where do i start, how about with wow, awesome, amazing & wonderful for starters and what i like the most is that this is YOU telling your story your way. I truly love it.
    Everything you wrote i agree with especially about some of the photos not being LO worthy but good enough for PL, the photos don't have to be great ,sometimes no photo at all.
    if only we lived next door you could have all my chipboard it is just sitting here going to waste. Loving that adore card and yes great way to use scraps, yep agree with all you said and don't get stressed if you miss a week or two doesn't matter.
    Have i said how much i love it?

  5. SOOOOO very inspiring! PL has never really called out to me - until reading this post! Oh my....



Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!