Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ScrapFX Catch Up & Blog Hop Coming Soon

Hi There! Its Wednesday and we're half way to the weekend - wahoo, right?  I always delight in the weekends because even though they're pretty much just as hectic as the weekdays everyone is home together at some point.....and I get a break from doing kennel chores on Sundays - that is always a bonus!!!!

This weekend will prove to be extra fun though because you and I get to hop through the ScrapFX DT blogs!!!  We're having DT Intro hop - you and I both will learn lots of nitty gritty on the DT, haha, we'll see lots of inspiring projects, and YOU will have the chance to win a mondo prize pack of ScrapFX chipboard goodness!!!  All the fun kicks off tomorrow in the US actually, kinda crazy, right?? And will end on Sunday here...but there is oodles of time to peruse blogs so hope to see you pop hop on by!

I think one of my favorite things to do is create LOs on canvas and with the large stash of canvases I have I'm not quite sure why I don't do them more often - probably a wall space issue, but still.  This one hangs on my daughter's wall now since it is of her and her BFF.  I adore this picture so much!  Nothing sweeter than two girls dancing carefree together in the summer sun!
Realistically I should be sharing a sneak of my blog hop project with you all, but I'll share a secret...I'm still fussing with it!  Yup. I'm that fastidious with things.  Ack it drives me insane yet its part of my process so I'm trying hard to embrace it as such - like trying to gain a 'delight in the details' approach. So yeah, putting on the last finishing touches over here! ;)

The background was made with a variety of mediums along with the super cute ScrapFX Butterfly stencils.  I love the size and shape of these.  To see more on how this background was created you can visit the post I had up on the ScrapFX blog here.
So you get this past LO on canvas board project instead - its all good, right?  Still showing off my ScrapFX. :D 

I really adore the ScrapFX wordlets.  I never imagined these would become such a favorite of mine but they have.  The array of phrases/fonts available is so vast its amazing.  I'm never at a loss for choice.  This piece was embossed with UTEE, then coated sparsely with some glitter, and then outlined with a gel pen to make it pop.  I love that even though a person can have the same piece as you the outcome can be completely different.
I feel like most times I'm still trying to figure out this whole world of blogging anyhoo - so if something actually goes up - its a good day!  I'll get it eventually, I've got some really good peeps rallying me to speak my voice here and tell my story through words and art, and I know what I want to do because I already do it privately....its actually finding the courage to do it here.  I know it'll happen - its just scary taking that first step, know what I mean? Its like putting yourself out there in a bikini/swimsuit after having children, its just not really what you want to do - well at least I don't want to do that!!!  Perhaps that may not be the best analogy??!  Anyways, the point being at some point you gotta put yourself out there, try on a new swimsuit, and go for it.  Stop caring what others think and just do your thing. Yeah. I think that is ultimately what I'm trying to say. Whether it be blogging in a new way, wearing a swimsuit, taking creative risks, starting a new venture... - nothing will be gained if you're paralyzed by what others think.       

Okay well those are my deep thoughts for today and perhaps my question answering tomorrow will be the kick off to some new things. 

Thanks for joining me in my ramblings for today.  I do hope to see you back again tomorrow or throughout the weekend for the hop.  Take care.


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  1. Scarlett - this is gorgeous! And, I loved reading your thoughts on the blogging and art thing. It is hard to figure out, for sure - I love what you do and can't wait to see more and more as you share it here!


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