Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Sketch @ Skissedilla

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and a Happy Wednesday to everyone else!  At Skissedilla we decided a great way to celebrate the summer holidays would be to take a bit of time off so we could enjoy our families with no worries of deadlines (well at least I won't have Skissedilla ones to fret over, LOL). So one sketch, 7 RAKs, yes 7!!!  For this month.

Kind of fitting for today my page has a slight red/white/blue color scheme going on:
My take this week is a bit loose.  I started off with good intentions - really good ones - I was determined to use these pictures along with the background I'd created - creativity took over.  I was inspired by the messy circular lines and the grid of four photos - even though mine became a cluster the inspiration and ideas were sparked by the sketch.
I adore these pictures of my daughter when she was younger at Disney World.  She loves water and while the boys were on a coaster she and I discovered this fun spot to cool off.  She could have stayed for hours trying to plug the holes up. 

Skissedilla Summer Sketch - July
See what I mean by loose?  Its really okay, right? - that is what sketches are for - launchpads!

I really wish I could get better shots of things here on blogger - or in general I guess - there is a lot of subtle texture on the background you can't see in the picture - lots of raised droplets of Tsukineko Goosebumps texture spray - raised ridges of paint - I need to work on how to capture that stuff 
If you've been following along with me here for a bit you'll know I don't scrap typical Disney pages - I don't do themed pages from start to finish very well - and enjoying adding subtle touches - like the mouse sticker in the above shot - it was from a themed pack of stickers I had in my stash (read I bought a crazy amount of Disney themed stuff after our trip and couldn't scrap with it so the pictures and stuff all sat for years!!!).  How do you take on Disney pages??

Some lovely Hambly clouds in this shot - sad Hambly is no more - glad I scored some of the delightful transparencies from Paper Issues - the stamped waves over the washi and picture is prolly my fav part of this page - beyond the shots of my girl - you can tell how much she loved this attraction through them
I've been so behind on blogging I didn't post my take on Skissedilla 169!  Oy busy days!

Altered up my chippies using all sorts of mediums and techniques - wanna learn how to do some of these things and more??  Keep on reading to the end of the post to learn how to sign up for my Chipboard Mania class!!
Lots of ScrapFX chippies used on this page!!!  I love my ScrapFX chippies and can never get enough - in fact I had to place an order for beach and water pieces because I was down in the mouth I didn't work any in on my July page, LOL!

Speaking of chipboard - did you know I'm offering a Chipboard Mania class through The Art Studio at Scrapbook News and Review?

This class is on sale NOW and chock full of techniques and ideas for dressing up chipboard and making it your own!
To find out more about this class and see a detailed description you can go to my earlier blog post here.  You'll find a variety of different ways to enter yourself for a free class so be sure to let me know you popped by!  If you'd like to sign up or save a seat for my other classes you can go here.  Have a peek at all the other amazing classes being offered as well.  All the variety is amazing!

If you've made it to this point in the post - thanks!! Guess I need to get here more frequently so I'm not as long winded, LOL.  

Have safe fun days with your families whether you're setting off fireworks or laying low!!


  1. The fussy cut photos in the first one look so neat!! Truly a piece of art. I really love your work, your style is so unique!!

  2. I love your style!!
    Is AWESOME :)
    Dani Cristina-Brazil


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