Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ATC Challenge

Is it hot by you??!!! It is crazy hot here and I am glad to have a day to stay inside (mostly) and scrap. Hope you're finding plenty of "cool" things to do.

It's my month at My Sketch World to host a challenge and I'm all about havin' my gurls there try new things so I went with an ATC challenge. I did this the last time I hosted a challenge and it was seriously cool how many friends played along and how amazing their creations were! So I know they're going to blow my mind again.

My challenge is to create an ATC with the word BLISS as your inspiration. You can use the word, be inspired by the word, share an ATC that shows what brings you bliss, whatever......just make an ATC about it! Here's what I came up with:

I haven't decided what to title this yet....hmmm....if any of my fabulous blog friends are reading this and have a good idea, let me know! Smile.

It's pretty cool how this came about. I created my background and then while I was looking at it to figure out the next step, I started seeing all these shapes and picture formed. Kinda like those wonky posters and wall hangings that you stare they make me sick and I can never see the picture! Sorry, back on track. So this picture came into play and I outlined it all with a black pen. Then I started painting in the shapes with some fluid acrylics and outlined with my blac pen again for dimension and definition. I am thinking I may do a tutorial on this.

Here's a different angle to show you the glitz and texture it has from some Sparkle Mod Podge.... I don't use Mod Podge that much any more since finding other mediums, but let me tell you..... this stuff is fun! If you like sparkle you need to try this stuff out.

This picture really doesn't even show the beauty of the sparkle. Gotta work on getting better shots.

I hope you pop on over to MSW and play along. I'd love to see you there!

And here's a little FYI, if you're interested. You can check out some of my art journal pages I've been sharing at Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. I show step x steps and talk you through getting started in your journal. Let me know what you think if you pop over. Big Smile!

Hope you have a beautiful day wherever you are and wherever you may go.

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