Monday, June 6, 2011

Long time....

no blog. No need to get into all the deets of things, let's just say I have had my fair share of busy, full days. Thank goodness that has meant some scrappy time as well here and there or I'd be nuts!

So onto the scrappy haps at hand!

Check this out, k? I've been a staffer at Scrapbook News and Review Magazine for over a year and let me tell you it's amazing. I love every minute of what I do there. Anyhoo, we all have been working so hard to really get some new things going and let me tell you......they're fresh! (2 jam packed issues per month for only $4.99!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Not only that, but once you sign up you'll get access to back issues as well. The 1st issue is jam packed with a TON (we're talking like 4-500 projects people!) of eye candy and articles for you to sink you're teeth into. As if that's not enough 2 weeks later the 2nd issue is comin' at'cha and you will find dozens of tutorials at your fingertips! This month alone there are tutorials from myself and others on these topics:

Scrapbooking Tutorials
Anglaise Pretties
Coloring Trim
Fabric Butterfly
Fabric Paper
Twisted Fabric Blooms
Adding a 3-D Effect to a Photo
Adding Text to Fabric
Coloring Black-and-White Photos with Chalk
Coloring Black-and-White Photos with Copic Markers
Curly Fabric
DIY Photo Overlays
Fibers Fabric Paper
Fabric Shapes
Ribbon Curling
Twisted Fabric Flowers
Using Dryer Sheets to Make Embellishments & Create Interest

Cards & Stamping Tutorials
Faux Stitching
Fork Bows
Heat Embossing on Fabric
Heat Embossing on Photos
How Do I Attach That? - Ribbon
Stamping on Velvet

Mixed Media Tutorials
An Introduction to Gels, Mediums & Pastes
Adding Cardboard to Your Project
Baby Wipe Background
Canvas Breakdown: A Home
Crinkled Cardstock Background
Gels, Mediums & Pastes Primer
Paper Towel Background

Shut the front door, right?! You know your jaw just dropped. LMBO! You really need to get yourself a subscription because we've got more awesome things to come and you will NOT want to miss out!

Moving right along......

My Sketch World is gearing up for summertime!!! WooHoo! That means lots of chatter on the board, fun challenges, sketches, and crops going on. Lucy is doing it up big this year and I canNOT wait! But before the crop starts in July......we have to get through June. The best way to do that is with some great sketches!

This month I did both the card and LO sketch for my DT duties. Here's the ATC I came up with:

I have really been working on creating my backgrounds myself by building up with patterned papers, paints, goops, stamps.....basically taking more of a collaged, mixed media approach. On this background I used patterned paper and misted dictionary paper. I tore the papers and adhered them with some gel medium. Next came some paint dabbed on lightly (I still wanted the bottom layer to show....*wink*), then some molding paste spread on with my finger, stamps with paint, and the rest of the embellishments.

All that came together using this sketch:

Here's more picture of it cuz' I think it shows off the sparkle better and I love me some sparkle!

Purr-ty, huh? Lots of pearl paint, PearlEx, and glitter!

Next up my LO for June. Can I just say it felt so super good to be scrapping with one of Lucy's LOs sketches. It's been a while. Here's what I came up with:

Stuck Like Glue

I really don't know why DH is so red in the larger picture, but such is life. I love this LO anyway! I used this sketch in creating it:

Fab, isn't it? I didn't get a chance to do any close up editing, maybe for the next post. There are a lot of fun little things going on on the page. I do have a challenge posted as well so be sure to head on over to MSW to check that out. I'll be blogging about it tomorrow? Well, that's the plan.

Well enough for tonight. I sure thank you for coming by and visiting me.


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