Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time Really Flies.......

when you are having fun!!!! And that is exactly what I have been doing! I decided last Thursday evening I had enough of taking care of everyone else and needed some me I declared an in house retreat for myself!!! My husband doesn't work on Fridays so I told him this is what was going down and he agreed!!! YAY! I picked a good one!! ;0) So Friday came and I got up and began the routine as usual...get showered, dressed, get kids up for summer school, breakfast, take kids to summer school, come home, play on 'puter!!! LOL!!!! That is so part of teh routine this summer!! I did a few chores, but mainly was getting ready for the 1st ever 1 hour card crop at My Sketch World. I needed to clean up my space and get some materials set out. What was really cool about the crop was we knew what the sentinments were ahead of time and the sketches were AMAZING!! I found out I am a much better one hour LO gal than card gal!!! Here is what I came up with an hour:

I LOVE how the birthday card turned out ad can't wait until that special someone's day pops up so I can send/give this to them!! I was pretty pleased with myself that I got three done. As I was working on he last one, my hands were shaking from nerves so tremendously it was ridiculous!!! I only had minutes left to complete it within the hour time! Phew....what a rush!!

I have done a few LOs and a couple other cards since I last posted as well. Hope you enjoy them and find a bit of scrappy inspiration from them.

This is a card I made for a wonderful cyber buddy..... you know who you are GF!!! I used a card sketch from Let's Scrap. It is a wonderful sketch site and growing community. They even have a DT call out right now, so head on over and check them out!!

This LO is a work in progress. I have finished my part now my DS will take over to do his. Malik is an amazing artist and his doodles just blow me away!! So I will be sure to update you all when he puts his tween touch on this....he had better do it before Sept. when he becomes a teen!!!! I used a sketch created by Lucy Chesna at MSW for this. If you'd like to use the same sketch visit the forum and check under LO is in the Sue's challenge thread!

Moving right along.....

These are two REALLY quick mini cards I made to include with some RAKs I sent out. Both the pinwheel and the flower were from tutorials found at A Walk Down Memory Lane. Or you could check out Lucy Chesna's blog for the flower and Nicole Wise's for the pinwheel.

Another LO.....

First of all let me just say I love me some Cosmo Cricket and have been waiting with baited breath to get the Snorkel line. A 15% off shopping spree at the LSS came at just the right time....they had just gotten this in!! I guess we're a little laid back here in the country!!! LOL! I couldn't wait to put it to use and I have had this photo just waiting to be perfectly scrapped for 3 years now!! So glad I waited! :0)

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