Saturday, October 19, 2013

Merry Christmas - Preparing for Market

Hi Friends!  I know, I know we haven't even hit Halloween or Thanksgiving and here I am titling a post Merry Christmas.  Alas that is how one must roll when you're preparing for market (I love that my international peeps call it market - much better than craft fairs, etc that we use here so I'm rolling with that too). 

Its especially super when I can double up my creations with DT assignments as was the case with this little hanging decor piece or ornament.  It was created for the new Mood Board Challenge that just went live over at ScrapFX.  What is funny is that upon looking at the board I'd never thought at first I'd wind up with this as my final project - ha!  Really amazing how inspiration can strike at any moment.

These Christmas chippies make it quick and fun to make a variety of joyous projects.  I'm seriously delighting over all I'm making - particularly the process - and love that with just a few alterations I have one of kind creations I hope people will love.  And how about that Instaframe??!  I must admit I was totally tickled when it dawned on me it could be decked out in red and white to mimic a candy cane.  Prior to choosing it I had one with polka dots picked out - this is much better dont'cha think?
I do hope you hop on over to the ScrapFX blog here to check out the Mood Board Challenge and join on in with us!!  You have the chance to win a guest spot on the blog and a nice little package of goodies too.  Woot!!  Oh and before you ask, you don't have to use ScrapFX products to participate.  If you have them, fantastic, but we do realize not everyone has access to get these fabulous goodies just yet.  So what are you waiting for??  Head on over to the ScrapFX and play along!  I'd love to see some of peeps there. :D
Have great Saturdays and see you soon, Take good care!!

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