Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winner! Winner!!

Seriously - at some point I will have the intentions in my mind actually happen - I had something planned to post for every day - life happens.

  I love living in the country, there's no doubt.  I thought I'd miss city life terribly - there are lots of things I do - but for the most part I prefer where I'm at.  With all that wrote - the one thing out here - my nemesis if you will - is having a septic and well system for water.  My nemesis decided to act out - this tantrum cost A LOT of money to get under control - along with time and clean up - ugh.  Blog plans gone!

The least I can do is get a winner posted for my celebration goodies!  I used the random generator (totally forgot to take a screen shot - not to mention I have to look up how to do one every time I want to, oy.) and it picked number 2 out of 8 people leaving me some celebration love.

The second person to leave me a comment was.....WillieburgScrapper a.k.a Michelle.  
Yay Michelle!!!  Please send me your deets and I'll get your goodies and Rainbow canvas in the mail on Monday!

Don't be sad if you didn't win this go round.....I still have two canvases left and will continue on since I found some unused goodies that I think others would love to play with so, I'll be back later with a tutorial and a new set of stuff for you to win! (p.s. - if you were in the running for this set of goodies, you'll be in for the second, but I'd still love to know if you stopped by!)

Til' later - have creative afternoons! xx


  1. YAAYY! I love winning products I've never tried before- it's so scary and exciting! Thank you! I will email my addy. wait.. how to do this? do you want to send me an email? I have my address on the 'about me" section of my blog. Whatever works for you- no rush.
    YIKES on the septic system meltdown- that sounds like a class A headache and a huge drain on the wallet- sorry it happened. I have dreams of moving to the country one day (they all involve gardening and my daughter running through grass with bare feet) but I must admit there are some pluses to living in a multi family building with a superintendent even if it means I'm up sometimes at 1am listening to the neighbor's salsa party. :)

    1. WooHoo Michelle! So happy my art is going to have a good home and you're going to have fun, fun, fun playing with the texture gel. Its gritty like sand and looks oh so lovely on chipboard. ;0)

      Ahh, you're dreams are the same type I had - little barefoot girl and all. I've already started planning out a huge garden for this year and can't wait to get out with my kids and make it happen. I could definitely use a super out here some days and I love to salsa.....surely a missed outing I'd do with my GFs.

      I'll pop over to your blog and get your addy.


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!