Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skissedilla 156, Pneumonia, and a Picture of the Goods

Hey Friends!  How were your Mondays?

Its that time of week when Skissedilla has a new sketch posted for you to check out.  This week Nabon made the sketch; its really quite different in a wonderful way.

My take:

I've got tons-o-Disney pictures from when we went in....ready for it?......2006 - yeah, been avoiding them a bit only now I want them documented - see I don't want pages that scream Disney - little bits here and there, with my style and sense of the story really shining through - make sense??
Mickey Mouse colors along with the bottlecap I've had in my stash for years say 'hey this is a Disney page' - This photo has been a fav for a long time and I've known the title foreva' - my three goofs lovin' their ponchos at MGM - thus the filmstrip (tim holtz) and stars (the Crafter's Workshop) - eluding to the park we were at - Disney stickers from my stash - jenni bowlin letters paired with Echo Park - EP paper and stickers too - my own felt umbrella - would you buy one of these?, seriously I'm trying to open a shop and I want handmade bellies to be a feature
In an effort to embrace my love for creating my own backgrounds and using up my mounds of patterned paper I've been experimenting - clear gloss gel medium (Liquitex) through a stencil (TCW) - allowed to dry completely - inked (Tsuikineko VersaColor) over and wiped color off stenciled drops with a baby wipe - really like the color being removed so easily from the gloss gel - still can see the pattern through the drops and on the paper, but not dominantly anymore - dig that
Closeup of umbrella bellie - drops traced from stencil and cut out - added some tinsel like fabric?? - I've no clue what this stuff is or where I got it - like it on the drops though - fun stuff - do you spy it elsewhere on the page

Pneumonia.....is kicking my butt - yep for real and for a couple months - can't seem to shake it - not really as bad as it sounds - it cycles in severity - but could use prayers and thoughts from friends that would like too - I try not to dwell on this - I'm alright in the grand scheme of what could be going on - just really tired and ready to be fully well - I believe in the power of prayer and special thoughts - thanks

Goodie Time - been trying to get this post and picture together since Sunday - the canvases still up for grabs are posted here - the rest of the goods look like this:

Sorry for the crummy picture - taken with phone in a not so ideal setting - some mesh, a mini journal, tube of gloss gel medium (same as used above in LO), Sassafras whimsie cards - but wait there's a tad bit more - I'll also have some handmade flowers to throw in
Until next time - xxo


  1. Oh Scarlett, I have been thinking of you girl, sending hugs and prayers that you are feeling better soon!

    BTW, your layout ROCKS!

  2. seriously?! This is so cool...I love the umbrella and raindrops!


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!