Monday, March 12, 2012

Be You - an Inchie Grid

Evening friends.  I survived the bustling weekend we had and enjoyed myself yesterday watching my kiddos hang out and play with their friends at an indoor waterpark.  As I was watching and chatting with a few other moms it really struck home to me how hard it is to be a tween girl.  Its easy to forget when you're living with and enduring the many glares, rolls of the eyes, sass mouth, etc., etc., etc. LOL. 
 Don't mistake me though - on the flip side I love watching and being part of her growing fashion sense, love for lotions and all things girly like that, and being able to have real conversations with her that show me bits and pieces of who my little lady is becoming.  The one piece of advice I consistently give my baby girl is to "be you".  No matter what others are saying, wearing, doing you gotta dig down and find what you know is right and do it.  Be you and others will follow.  Be you and the friends you have are true and will be there no matter what. 

Its funny because it goes just as well for adults, huh?  I have plenty of days that I need to remind myself to stick to my guns and be who I know I am to be.  But enough blabber from me - I seem to be a mushy mess these days, LOL, maybe its the embarking birthday? - on to the project!
Sorry this is not the best photo but I"ve edited and edited and still can't get it to not be a bit blurry.  I worked on this piece as a whole adding lots of paint and molding paste to build up the background.  I'm so loving purple these days - who knew?  I added some Hambly transparencies and called it a wrap. 
 I think I'm going to figure out a way to hang this up.  Not sure if I want to go the eyelet and jump ring type of route or maybe mounting it on to a different base and working around that - possible just a frame?  Hhhmmm, what do you think?

This grid was published in SNR magazine and if you haven't checked out the new, hot look over there you totally should!  Plus you could be pubbed by checking out the current calls - BONUS!

Hope you all have had great days and are enjoying your evenings.  See you soon!


  1. First of all...this is beautiful and I love the quote! Second of all, you are right about the new much more inviting!

    1. Thank you Misty. Glad you popped over to SNR, you should totally submit girlie. Your work is fantabulous for real.

  2. I think blogger does something to images when compressing them for formatting into the web because I have the same issue with blurry shots.I look at my original and it looks fine the second I upload it onto blogger is gets blurry-I thought it was just me!
    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback on my blog today. I think my number one pet peeve is the music because I tend to read at night and it does scare me when I go to a page and music suddenly blares up.
    I love this project- the colors and polka dot stamping are fantastic. I like the idea of mounting this piece on a wood or canvas panel- something to really emphasize the grid look it has would be awesome.

    1. Glad to know I'm in good company on the photo thing. Frustrating just a tad.

      Thanks for popping over and offering me some ideas. Wood really jumped out at me, hadn't thought of that one, and it just so happens I've got some pieces to dig through. Maybe there will be a match. =0)


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