Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine ATC Tutorial

Hey Friends, Happy Monday to you!  Its been rather busy around my homestead these days.  Nothing exciting, just lots of chores around the kennel now that Winter finally arrived in WI.  Not that I'm pleased with that at all, but hey it is WI.  I also took a slight break due to a nasty burn on my inner arm.  Our cats:

Culprit #1

Culprit #2

They look sweet enough during the daytime, huh?  All curled up snoozin'. But lemme tell ya' by night its a whole nother story.  They love to romp, play, and chase each other - Okay, no biggie.  They love to find little snibbles of stuff in my space and bat it around - Eh, not as okay but I guess.  They often knock completed projects I've got on a drying rack down and each project somehow makes it behind our pellet burner - TOTALLY not happy about this at all.  So it was on one of my ventures behind the ol' pellet burner that I nailed my arm ever so quickly on the back pipe. Not cool.  Pain, swelling, and redness instantly.  Blisters came very quickly after that.  My story does end happily as I'm just fine thanks to some good tips from friends, but I'm still ticked off at the cats, LOL!

Alrighty moving right along to the tut!  This is what I'm going to show you how to make:

The supplies you need are as follows: 

Cardboard, mini buttons, chipboard and metal numbers, glitter (two different types if you have it), glass beads (regular beads would work fine too), paint, coarse pumice gel (any texture paste could be used), heart shaped cookie cutter

Step One: Mix pumice gel and paint together.  Spread on cardboard base.

Step Two: Press cookie cutter onto wet pumice gel.  This will serve as a shape holder.

Step Three: Pour glass beads inside of cookie cutter.  Gently press down to help them stick.  Sprinkle glitter around the outside edges of the cookie cutter.

Step Four: Remove cookie cutter and place mini buttons along the impression to create a heart.  Using tweezers, add the numbers to the middle of the heart.  Sprinkle extra glass beads on any bare areas.
There you have a quick and easy Valentine ATC, but wait you might be asking yourself what good does this do me?  I don't make ATCs.  Well I challenge you to think about how any of these techniques could transfer to your cards or LOs.  Using pastes and gels to embed things on LOs and cards is just as cool. ;0)
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and find something useful from it. I originally did this tutorial for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine last year.  I'll be back again soon, until next time -  take care and be blessed and a blessing to others. 


  1. I love this ATC! I totally need some pumice gel! Thanks for the inspiration Scarlett!

  2. This is fabulous! I have some textured Golden products I haven't used- off to the scrap desk! Thanks for the heads up on the cookie cutters- I have some micro beads I had no idea how to handle neatly.


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