Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out With the Old......

...... is the motto around my house these days.  I've been a cleaning lunatic and much to my body's dismay - mentally I'm a happy camper.  So imagine my delight when looking for a scrappy break I happened upon my friend Lisa's card challenge at MSW - out with the old; in with the new.  The concept: use old and new product.

stenciled molding paste colored with mist and embossing powder; bumpy textured created with watermark ink and embossing powder; mist splatters made with mica powder mixture
For my old contribution on this card I used my beloved Sassafras.... sigh..... the new stuff: mica powder, colored mesh, stencil.

1. misted molding paste, custom created embossing powder using mica powder for cloud stamp 2. bumpy embossing powder texture in upper left corner of notebook paper, mist splotches made with mica powder mixture 3. additional splatters, mesh, shimmery goodness  
 Short and sweet tonight folks, I'm pooped but have so much more to do tomorrow and need to scoot to bed.  Until next time......

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