Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off to a Good Start - Art Every Day Month/Attitude of Gratitude - Day 1

Hey there, I'm back..... that's a totally good sign, LOL! I'm off to a good start and in fact I couldn't get these projects off my mind today. I was busy bustling along doing what needed to be done and thinking about all the things, big and small, that make my life amazing - even when I'm thinking otherwise.

Today I'm grateful for being able to watch beautiful sunrises from my living room window while the kids and hubby get ready for their days.

I'm grateful for my husband who gets up everyday (most weeks 7 days a week) to work and provide for our family.

I'm grateful for friends who make me laugh and not feel so alone in being a crazy lady at times, LOL.

I'm grateful for a new pup to the kennel settling in and knowing our home is now hers as well.

I'm grateful for this project.

I pondered throughout the day how I was going to best capture all of what I'm grateful for each day, along with some photos, and some contributions from my family. I decided I'd put together a journal with some Maya Road canvas pieces and a bunch of scraps. This is where the Art Every Day part comes in!

Today's art (so far) has consisted of a LO I can't show you yet, putting together my Gratitude journal, and painting/misting up the cover.

Here's the journal:

I'm not quite skilled yet on the best ways to photo journals so please bear with me. You can get the idea though, right? It has lots of canvas pieces and then paper cut mostly into 5x5 squares. Some papers are rectangles, there are tags, and I also busted out some journaling cards from Crate Paper. There are 30 pages so a front/back per day? I don't know, I'm not sweatin' it either.

Here's a couple peeks inside to see what makes it up better:

I started on the cover and can't wait to get back at it.
Here's what I have so far:

I'm not worried about getting it done tonight, but I would like to log Day 1's grateful entry while all is fresh in my head.

I'm off to post my link for Art Every Day. Until tomorrow I'll leave you with the quote Tessa posted on her blog for today:


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  1. Hey, that is a great journal to start the month with. I like the colors and the roughness and splattery nature of the cover. I used to scrapbook also and still love it when I get the chance and can dig through all the luscious supplies stored downstairs!


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