Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AOG/AED - Day 8

Happy Tuesday! What's shakin'? I had a really productive day here and am soo pleased. It was cold, really wet, and dreary so I really had no desire to do anything, but alas things were calling and I must say between the Attitude of Gratitude and Art Every Day project my heart is really in the right place. I feel open to many things and am ready for what's next on my path.

I'm grateful for getting much needed paperwork and mail items off to where they needed to be. I have still some things to take, but they can wait til' later in the week. I'm grateful for a husband who is supporting me fully in a new life adventure. Taking the time out to plan, research, and create for opening up my shop is no easy feat. I really want to have all aspects covered, but I also really want to launch this thing, LOL. Patience is a virtue I'll ever be working on. All I know is no matter how it all plays out, my love is right there by my side. I'm grateful for the vacuum working and remembering to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight. Seriously, this type of stuff really makes my day. When I can clip along humming to myself or chatting with whoever is around, its a good day. Today was good.

Art Every Day

The art was definitely going on for today as well. I clipped through 2 cards and 4 tags with barely a blink. YAY! I'm going to share my tags tonight. They will go in my Attitude of Gratitude album - check 'em out:

This one will go in the album. I already journaled on the back and its set to go.

A fun and funky stenciled, stamped, painted tag that I had no clue what to put on. There were no images speaking to me and then I say this stamp. Aha! That'll work beautifully.

Stamps, stencils, and scraps on this one.

This one will end up with some thoughts for my daughter on it. I love this sweet stamp from Unity Stamp Co and had the best time making her my own.

What have you been creating? Anything inspired you lately? I've been super inspired by all particpating in AED. Amazing, amazing work. I am so ready to go paint after seeing a beautiful quilt tonight. Ahh...its lovely to have so many ideas!

Blessings to you and yours tonight.

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  1. These are so beautiful. A simple, tiny item turned into a work of art. I love them. They make me want to try something similar with fabric. Thanks for visiting me on AED. xoxo Terah


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