Friday, November 4, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 4

One more time for today friends and I'll make it short and sweet.

Today I was grateful for hanging out with my boy. Its rare that we get time together one on one anymore, so being able to have dinner together was oh so delightful. He's growing up and in to such a fine young man. He's always a smile on his face (unless he's dealing with his little sister, LOL and sigh....), helps out willingly, and is to a place where he understands things more fully and on a different level. Its really rather cool to have conversations with him and hear all the haps in his life. Here's a picture of him:

He's the cutie with his hands raised in the air. As his team went by he threw his hands up and shouted, " WOOOO, that's my mom with the iPhone!" I was beaming with pride I tell ya', LOL! The fact my 15 year old still acknowledges me in public, around his friends, happily makes for a blessed mama right here.

I'm grateful to all of you stopping by to read these posts. Thanks for sharing in my slice of life. Its really rather different posting these posts instead all craft, all the time.


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