Friday, March 8, 2013

ScrapFX Splat! Tutorial and Page Reveal

Happy Friday Sweetie Peeps!  So sorry I didn't make it here yesterday.  Truth be told I was horribly distracted by other things, lost track of time, and didn't want to rush this leaving you with a poor quality tutorial.  The good news in all that is I've got other things in the works for the future that will be exciting to share!! For now, lets get moving and shaking with some Splats!!

This is the detail from the page that sparked today's tutorial.  The supplies needed are as follows:

Paper (patterned paper, cardstock, or any paper of choosing - you can cut embellies out and adhere)
Liquitex String Gel
Coloring Medium (in my case paint)

Step One: Use a palette knife to grab some string gel and put it on your craft mat.  Add paint to the string gel in preparation for mixing.

Things to Note About String Gel:
It is a self leveling gel - meaning no matter what you do it will work its way around to level out so you have to be sure the surface you work on is level!
It is stringy - hence the name - making it a bit tricky to work with at first.  Don't get frustrated.  Take time to play with it and learn how it may best fit your style and needs - also you may not like it all.  Its okay.
It is very sticky and honey like.  Know this and be prepared when working with it, clean up quickly when done.
There are more things I could tell you, in fact a few years ago I wrote an entire article for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine devoted to string and tar gel, made by Golden.  I can find it on my old computer if you'd like to know more on these mediums, they are my favs!!! Let me know. Moving on.

Here I've lifted the palette knife and let the string gel drizzle to show you how it pours and to hopefully give you an idea of the consistency.  Can you tell?
 Step Two: Mix together the String gel and paint.  Do this in a chopping action, do not stir it up.  Stirring it up will cause an excess of air bubbles.

Step Three: Position your ScrapFX Splat Stencil on your paper.  Scoop some of the mixed string gel onto a palette knife (old credit card if you don't have a knife) and begin to quickly spread over splat of your choice.  Be generous with the amount of gel you spread in order to get a nice dimensional effect.

Step Four: Remove the stencil and the above photo is what your paper should look like.  At this point you can stop or you continue on to the next step.  Note: The gel I mixed together was enough to cover and create three splats - it spreads and goes a long way.

Adding little extras to mediums while still wet is something I enjoy.  There are so many options you can go with to really give them that little something and make them your own.  For this project its a very simple boost - glitter.
Step Five: While the string gel is still wet sprinkle a light dusting of glitter over the top of the splats randomly.  Do this as much or as little as you please.  For my ScrapFX page, I used gold glitter to match the elements I had going on - these splats however, don't have a project yet so I've gone with crystal glitter to match whatever project they may land on in the future.

A splat up close for you to see the dimension and shimmer achieved! 

And here's the full reveal of my latest ScrapFX page featuring these Splats! decked out in gold glitter:

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you try it out, link me up so I can check out what you did with it!

Have a super start to your weekend! I'll be back soon with a new Flashback post and more - I haven't forgotten, just been busy, busy!!!  Have my bestie and her daughter coming in from SD this weekend too to stay for a couple weeks! YAY!
Take care!!!


  1. SERIOUSLY COOL!!! I have never heard of string gel! I wanna try!

  2. Ya! A new medium I have to search for - thanks for this, Scarlett. Your birthday page is gorgeous - love how you worked in the what, where, when.
    - Ann Jobes

  3. Amazing is really the end result!
    I loved the hint of stencilled for a splash so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your work is just amazing!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for the details.

  5. oh wow! I so want some of that string gel! This is probably a new fave for me. You seriously rocked my socks off with this one!!!

  6. Love your splat tutorial - found you via Scrap FX - thanks for the inspiration.

    I have given a Leibster award to you blog. for more details on this go to


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