Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Sneak, A Winner, and An Award

Hi Sweetie Peeps, long time delay in blog!!  Sorry for that.  We've been plagued with strep throat and the flu - blech!!  Spring cannot get here quick enough and in fact Winter is still in full swing.  Geesh.  Its been snowing and its only 4 degrees so far here today with windchills below zero - yeah, not a happy camper here - at all.  Yet I've got hope because Spring does indeed have to come. It inevitably arrives every year, no matter how late, and despite the weather outside still being frightful I decided it was time to create my own bit of Springtime bliss!!

This is a sneaky peek of my latest ScrapFX page coming soon to the blog.  Lots of flowers, butterflies, and springtime colors to get my spirit in the mood!!  Totally smitten on my deer die from the Crop Stop lately - you'll be seeing these sweet creatures on many projects to come I'm sure.  Normally not a flower child here, LOL, I tend to collect them more so than use them. I went ga-ga for these particular ones though and had go to town right away - tutorial to come with reveal :D

Speaking of tutorials - its been a bit since we've had one here huh??  I shall get on it that for you all.  Still have my list of wants from all you lovlies.  Feel free to add any requests in the comments at any time!!

Thank you to all those that hopped through the MSW card blog hop and left lovin' on my take of the sketch!!  My winner of a ScrapFX RAK is the 13th commenter......

Faye Marie
I like that you turned the sketch on it's side. The deer are a great touch!! Love it!!!

Faye Marie please contact me with your mailing info so I can get you a goodie package set and sent out.

I want to close this post by thanking a couple special ladies for presenting me and my blog with this award!!  A big thank you to Joan of the The Gov's Place and Jo of Jo's Scrap of Difference for thinking of me and my work so kindly.  The words they shared were amazing and I'm ever so humbled.  I'll be sharing more on this award soon as its a share the love, pass it on kind of thing but I wanted to be sure I recognized these sweet gals. Ooodles of thanks for brightening my days ladies!!!

With that I shall close for this time and get crackin' on all the creative things I need and want to do.  What's on tap in your creative world??  Spring projects in motion? I do hope the weather is treating you kinder than ours is.  Until next time, take good care!!

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