Monday, September 12, 2011

Look What Came Today and Some Painted Papers

Hey there Peeps! Happy Monday to ya'. Did you have a good one? The day flew by here and left me with feeling I hadn't gotten nearly enough done. Alas, the night is young and my nap was hefty, LOL!

So I am totally JACKED up about what came to my house in the mail today! Check it out:

Oooo-la-la, right? This fabulous stash of chipboard and dyed doilies came from Leeann Pearce's Etsy shop, The Chip Chop Shop. She is based in Australia and I seriously can't say how excited(overly) and pleased(extremely) I am with my purchase. The only problem is I wish I would have gotten more right from the jump. LOL. Anyhoo, check out her blog, she is fantabulously talented and her shop, I can't wait to alter these bad boys up!

So, over the weekend I was working on some assignments and decided to paint up some papers to use for backgrounds, collage, whateva'. I used Canson Mixed Media paper for all the squares. This is what I've got going on so far:

On this one, I brushed on a layer of gesso and then used a homemade stamp to leave an impression. The stamp is made out of nuts or bolts (always get them mixed up, LOL) and I'll share a tut on how to make your own sometime this week. After that dried, I brushed on some Lumiere paint and then stamped with Ranger Archival ink to create the pattern. The last thing I did was add some Diamond Glaze to the hearts. I want to go back over this with some more paints to have the resist effect show through.

Here you can see the texture a bit better:

For this one I brushed on some gesso, scratched into it in certain areas, and painted. Then I stamped some hearts using a sponge stamp, outlined them, used a stencil to get the yellow hearts down with paint, and drizzled some fluid acrylics. To get my splotches, I had fun playing with an eye dropper and blowing bubbles.

Here's the last one:

This is my fav of the bunch. Love, love the greens and hints of blue. This one was created by brushing on gesso, stamping into it with a sentiment stamp (you can vaguely tell, but the imprint is there), painting over it with fluid acrylic paints, and then using a patterned paper towel to lift up some of the color. I love the effect it left. I continued on by outlining the heart imprint left from the sentiment stamp with my Zig marker (pen? never sure what to call it) and then I painted that in with a magenta fluid acrylic. The last thing I did was to mix up my own embossing powder to use on another sentiment stamp, which I stamped over the hearts.

Here's a close up:

You can really see the shimmer of the embossing powder in this shot, as well as the imprints of the letters 'I' and 'U'. Can you see them?

Alrighty that's it for tonight. Lots of fun stuff coming up this week at SNR so be sure to check back to see the haps.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your day was filled with smiles.

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