Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Check It Out

Say what, say what. Check it out, say what. LOL....sorry 'bout that. I've been watching a lot of high school football and this year DS has cheerleaders so I digress... anyhoo you SHOULD check out the Scor-Pal event that just went live at Scrapbook News and Review tonight!

My fellow staffers and I had a great time coming up with inspiration, classes, and tutorials for you so be sure to take a peek.

Speaking of peeks, here's one of something I created for the event:

This is a snippet from one of my class projects. Head on over to see the full step by step instructions.

That's it for tonight, off to go create. I've got a zillion ideas running through my brain so I'd better do something with them, huh?

Hope you had good days, catch you all later.


  1. How have I never been to your blog before??!!!!!!! Well I'm following you now, woman! ;oD

  2. ROFL! You crack me up gurl, so happy to have you here!! Now to go stalk, I mean, find you!!!


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!