Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting My Art Journal On

Hey Everybody! It's been longer than I would have liked since I shared, but much has been going on. My family was bombarded with strep and it pretty much knocked everyone off kilter. I am happy to say I managed to avoid getting it myself, thank goodness and fingers crossed, and just cared for everyone while getting my craft on.

I have created much and I wish I could share, but alas I can't just yet. What I can share is my newest art journal I started. I have been art journaling for over a year now and I love it. Up until this point, I have kept my journals private because I really put every aspect of my life into them, the good, the bad, the's all in there.

Well, over at Scrapbook New and Review Magazine, we have a new blog going. There are daily posts with sketches, tips, techniques, tutorials, and so much more. What I most excited about though are my art journaling posts. Each Friday I will be posting different things relating to working in and starting on an art journal. There will be a group created for us to share what we are doing and challenges presented to keep you moving forward.

On Friday, I posted my cover challenges. You can see all the details of the challenges by heading over to SNR, but I really wanted to share the start of my cover here. It is nowhere near being complete and I have a lot of big plans for the rest of it, but it's not about getting it all done in a jiffy. It's about enjoying the journey.

Here's my cover so far:

I really like my journals to be something I want to get to each day so I always create covers that make me happy. These are some of my happy colors right now along with my happy shape, circles. I created the circles by using some drywall tape we had here at the house.

So what about you? Do you art journal? Are you intrigued by it, terrified of it? Do share. I would also love to see you over at SNR each Friday when I post some new tidbits relating to art journaling.

Hope you have a delightful start to your week! God Bless.

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