Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottle Cap Art

Do you love bottle caps as much as I do?? I have no idea when I became obsessed with them, but I do know it was a while ago because I have been collecting them for years. So when Maya Road came out with the honkin' huge ones last year, I was in love for real!!

Over at Scrapbook News and Review it's Workshop Wednesday. For my project I chose to create some bottle cap art using a 3" Maya Road bottle cap as my base. I need to order some more of these soon because I am really diggin' making this little works of art. It's quite therapeutic for me and a great way to showcase some of my favorite photos.

Here's the bottle cap I created:

There are complete step x step instructions over at SNR if you'd like to see how to create one of these for yourself. After walking away from it for awhile, I think I may go back and add one more row of trim. I;m not sure I like the space between the words and trim. We'll see. Until then, this is on a little easel in my scrappy space bringing a big ol' cheesy grin to my face. I love my dawgie!!

Hope your Wednesday's been a good one!

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  1. Oh Scarlett, this is fantastic! Love all the layers and the cute pic!


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