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Scrapbook News and Review Magazine May Calls

If you haven't checked out Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, what are you waiting for?? The magazine is full of amazing talent to inspire you as well as tremendous articles that will make you laugh, cry, and grow your skills. The May Calls for public submissions have been set and I wanted to share them with you all. I have so many talented friends visiting here I'd love to see you get published in the magazine. Here are the calls for May:

By Style: In each issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, we spotlight scrapbook pages by style and genre. We’re currently looking for pages, either in traditional or digital format, that feature a clearly defined style such as Clean and Simple, Dark and Industrial, Eclectic and Freestyle, Romance and Pretty Chic, Whimsical or Fantasy, and others just ripe for the picking. Please submit at least three to five layouts that you feel best represents your work and explain in a few brief sentences what style you feel best describes your work.

Faithbooking: It’s a genre of scrapbooking that’s quickly picking up steam. As we follow our own paths and learn valuable lessons, we document them in our faithbooking albums. Please share your pages that honor and uplift God and His glory.

Father’s Day: Whether in classic masculine colors or something a little out of the ordinary, we’re looking for pages that feature a story or a moment or give credit to the man in our life, whether he be your father or someone who happily took on the role.

Flip It – Boy and Girl Pages: Who says girl pages have to be pink and frilly and boy pages have to be boy and rough and tumble? Let’s shake up the scrapbooking world by flipping it all around. Can you get away with pink with lots of flowers on a boy pages? What about a girl page with snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Come show us how you break all the rules!

Funny Family Photos: We all have them. Crazy faces, twisted positions, bunny rabbit ears behind a head or two. The question is, what do you do with them? Let’s see how you get your silly on.

Punctuation: Sometimes it can be just the perfect thing to punch up your pages. Show us how you use them, embellish them, and feature them on your projects.

Wedding: Whether modern or fifty years in the making, we’d love to see your wedding layouts. But let’s put a spin on it. Forget kissing the bride and walking down the aisle, let’s see pages that showcase the other special moments of your wedding or reception.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

Cards and Stamping

Father’s Day: It’s coming and we’re looking for fantastic card ideas. Come us show us the cards you’ve made for your father, grandfather or husband.

Vintage Spring: Nature isn’t always about being outdoors, but sometimes it’s nice to bring the outdoors inside and onto our cards. If you have cards featuring butterflies, birds, trees and straight from nature items such as sticks, dried flowers, rocks, leaves, etc., then let us take a looksee.

Asian Fonts or Character Writing: Asian fonts and characters can be beautiful and inspiring. How have you used these graceful lines in your card making?

Childhood Fun: Birthdays, parties, puppet shows and more. We want to see childlike fun in your cards. They can be for any event. Our main goal is to showcase fun and childlike themes.

Asian Tea Party: How would you decorate for an Asian themed tea party? Such items can include invitations, thank you cards, party favors, center pieces, decorations, name cards, menus and more. Let your imagination run wild and set the scene as little or as much as you like!

FaithFull: How moving it is to see cards full of faith and the glory of God. Faith filled cards can be of any topic but should include scripture and/or religious imagery.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.


Please Note: Stamping projects can include anything you stamp on, such as cards, ATCs, inchies, arches, collage, mixed media or whatever fires your imagination.

Cherry and Peach Blossoms: Nothing screams spring than delightful cherry and peach blossoms, which is why we’re honoring them this month.

Dragons: Full of good luck, fortune and wisdom, the dragon is our favorite winged reptile, and we’re looking for projects of any variety that feature dragons, small or big, meek or mighty.

Brush Markers: There is a variety of brush markers available and even more techniques to do with them. What are you favorite ways to show them off?

Gold Foil: Let’s add a little regal shimmer to our projects. Don’t be shy, give it a try. It’s luxury to be shared.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

Artist Trading Cards

Tea: This month, tea themed ATCs are the center of attention. Think of the possibilities! Tea, tea bags, tea cups, tea parties, tea garden, teapots, afternoon tea, The Mad Hatter’s tea party, The Boston Tea Party, teaspoons. It’s all at your fingertips just waiting for you to create with.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.


Family Tree: Digital scrapbooking can make documenting family lineage and heritage a snap. We would love to see your ideas for documenting your roots.

Hybrid: Are you a little bit digi and a little bit paper and glue? Hybrid is a fabulous way for traditional scrapbookers to try digital scrapbooking and for digital scrapbookers to use up their traditional scrapbooking stash.

Spectacular Shadow Work: Shadows can make or break a digital layout. Not enough and the page looks flat, too much and your elements are floating off the page. Let’s see your shadowing skills. Show us how you achieve a realistic look, whether it’s warping the shadow for a ribbon or getting just the right settings for your elements. We want to be left guessing: is it traditional or is it digi?

Using Realistic Nature Items: One advantage of digital scrapbooking is that you can use items you wouldn’t normally use on paper layouts, particularly natural items such as leaves, sticks, rock and dirt. There are no worries about bulk, weight or acid and lignin-free when it’s just pixels. How do you throw realistic nature items into the mix?

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

Digital Three for All: Send us a group of three photos and our digital staff will create fabulous digital layouts starring your photos. The photos must be digital or scanned and not violate any copyrights. Please add a short description about the photos such as event(s), date(s), place(s), etc. We’ll use this information on our layouts to tell us your unique story!

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.


Copic Markers: This month, we’ll focus on how to create texture while using Copic markers, including their blending pen.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

Child of the... 60's: Were you a child of the 60’s? Or do you have family members that were a part of the sixties? Child of the . . . is a new series that each month will focus on a different decade and showcase what it was like to be a child, teen or adult of each time period.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

Special Needs, Special Children: Parents, grandparents or anyone impacted by a child with special needs knows how important and therapeutic scrapbooking can be in learning to cope with life, and sometimes the differences that exist with your special child. This quarterly column will center on our special children and how we, as loved ones, use scrapbooking to aid, cope and so much more.

Please submit electronically by May 1, 2010 here.

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