Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Anyone Out There? Project Life ScrapFX Style

Hello, Hello!! Anyone still visiting? If yes, thank you!! and how in the world are you? 

I'm truly going to stop saying I'll see you tomorrow, be back soon.  Or what about this one - life is calming down.  Yeah. I jinx myself I believe or somethin' like that.

Truth is life happens (apparently a lot around lately) and this is the perfect lead in to my Project Life post I've been meaning to share. What? Project Life???  Oh yes. I did indeed take the plunge.  No rules, no kits, no pressure - started in March - ha! 

One thing I want to do with my PL is focus on special events I don't really scrap.  I'm not one for scrapping birthdays.  I often don't get great shots at these events but do want to capture the day.  This spread was based around a really special birthday for my DD.  You can see I even included an ATC I created, love that I'm able to use my art.
 I'd been wanting to start this grand adventure since January.  Totally indecisive am I so it took til March to get going.

Lots of ScrapFX chippies and handmade embellishments from stencils made these pages easily come together along with what I had in my stash.  Even the stenciled background was already made - I often plop a painted up stencil onto blank cardstock to not waste the paint and save it for later.  These random pieces are perfect to cut down for my cards.
 Whatever.  Its all about my life anyways so who says it has to be documented starting January?  I'm embracing this as a chance to capture my everyday, my family's everyday, and to use up my stash!!! In the way I want and that works for me. My Instagram friend, Linda, helped me figure this out and is a great Project Lifer!! Find her posts here.

More ScrapFX goodness here making it oh so easy to whip together my pages, along with a tag base this time I once again had created already.  I think I'm really going to love using bits of my already created art in my PL.  Really makes it so personal rather than buying a kit.  At least for me this is the route to go!!
I won't be stressing out over every week, if I get a spread done I get it done.  If not its okay, really. Dates and stuff can be approximate, its the stories that really matter.  The pictures will tell the tale.

I'll have more pages to share soon, but wanted to pop in quick and share a few.  My fellow DT member Michelle and I are doing monthly posts on the ScrapFX blog to show you how great chippies and stencils are for PL.  You won't wanna miss out!!  Speaking of not missing out - I'm up on the ScrapFX blog with some fun projects - I'd love for you to pop on over and check them, shall I entice you??

Lots of colorful play going on - hope you enjoy!!! Go here to see the full reveal and have a great day!!!


  1. I love these pages and I TOTRALLY agree with you about not bothering with exact dates. If instagrma had a reliable way to date photos I would So do it but till it gets easy I'm not going to bother. The photos here a re awesome- and I completely understand PLing (is that even a word?) a birthday rather than making whole scrapbook page for it- I have the same problem during holidays and birthday-s I'm too busy having fun to take photos so the photos are always too dark or complete after thoughts. I'll check out Linda's IG- I'm always looking for new inspiring peeps to peep. HA!

  2. Scarlet this is so YOU I love it. You made me laugh with your photo a day, and like with all your work I love looking at all the little details like the grass/finge.
    Last year when I took up PL I hated it, tried to do a two page spread and be like everyone else just didnt work for me. This year as you know I only do one page and I can decorate it as little or as much as I want and I am not stressing about getting photos.
    I am just so happy that I have inspired one person. Thank you for your comments.
    On IG this week I met a lady that is doing her PL in a note book, just pasting photos and then adding journaling and it looked great as well, I admired her simplicity.
    What I love the most is that my husband and two grown up children 18 & 20 get last years album out from time to time and look through it and I can here them say "I remember that" and that to me makes it worth it.
    I am still loving that hear from the other day

  3. Love your PL pages girlie! Your pages always have such fun colors!

  4. Scarlett, these are all wonderful pages! I am so happy to see you doing this project!

  5. oh my!!! I LOVE this! Your interpretation of project life = PERFECTION!!!!

  6. You work is incredible! I love your whimsical style. Truly Unique! I am still curious about project life and yet, I still have little interest or motivation. Sigh..... But you make it look so easy! HEHE!


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