Monday, September 10, 2012

Lets Play Ball with ScrapFX

Hey There!  Happy Monday to you!!

Its not often I create mini albums but I really wanted to create something for my daughter to remember this past year of softball with her team.
I've been wanting to try out different binding techniques for quite some time - I think I've finally found my niche for minis along with some other stashed away ideas for another day.  The lesson I learned big time was don't be so anxious to bind the book that you do it before filling the actual book, LOL
I really enjoy watching my baby girl play softball - it consumes our lives and there are times I'll admit all the driving and weekends ate up can get to me - but for the most part I love watching her and her team play.  This mini documents the last season her team will play together as is - lots of girls moving to the next age level while some stay to welcome those coming up.

This page features some hand carved stamps I made using ScrapFX stencils as templates for them - The brilliant Kristine and Michelle L. (fellow DT members) kick started this fun and it was a struggle to stop myself.  The cloud and bit of chevron are from the stamps I carved.
I used mostly Echo Park's Sweet Day collection and ScrapFX products to make this - limiting myself to supplies really helped this book come together quickly - I should try this more often ;)

Alright from here I'll just share some pictures since I have more than I usually post :)

We traveled a lot for this year's league and tournaments - in fact being a fairly new organization to all this we never played at home!!!  It wasn't always fun - read we had no air conditioning on some insanely hot days and were crabby beyond belief! It was fun however to use some cool travel themed ScrapFX chippies and tags!  The bird is from my favorite set: Bird Family

I had a bit of fun with some pouring medium to decorate the ScrapFX wordlet on the right page - some stickpins and cutie little Funky Flower Button from ScrapFX.  Oh and I went all hybrid on this project too!!!  YAY me - boo me for not gathering proper links for credit and such - I will go back for this.

My kids got in on the stamp carving action with me and the word softball was carved by my DD!!!  Isn't it terrific - I'm not proud or nuttin' huh?! (big cheesy grins) - more hybrid fun and a sweetheart tree from ScrapFX  decked out in paint and jewels.

Sigh...I need to order another camera pack so I can get another one of these cutie Polaroid cameras to use!!!  I seriously think they should be sold by the bags full, LOL - a retro flower, some of my fav Itty Bitty Bets letters, and scraps of other pieces here as well.

Another cutie Bird Family bird here - this time done up with some tissue paper and of course a big googly eye!!!  Had fun turning retro flower in to a little sun as well - you all know I love my sunshines and clouds!! ;)
And here we are at the end - used the first half of a Softball wordlet here - kind of a fun way to change things up you know??!  When the book is set open just so it reads softball anyhoo, ;)
Phew - lots of pictures but I'm so terribly behind in sharing so much I had to just let it all hang out in this one, LOL!!  Thanks so very much if you made it this far. :)

Take care sweet peeps!!

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