Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Challenge You To Embrace and Tape

Hey, Hey, Hey....Its Saturday!!!  

That means my kids go back to school on Monday - YaHoo!! - Just playin' - well kinda - you know I swear the older they get the more needy they become - is that how its supposed to work??! - they were totally more competent as toddlers at doing things for themselves/helping out - tween/teen brains are in full effect leaving this mama ready for them to have more of their hours occupied away from - ;0)

This is what teen brain looks like - oh yes - the teen brain behind this photo is quite okay with the fact I'm posting it as well!

However I'm challenging myself (and you) to embrace them (your loved ones) today - not like I (you) don't now - but truly look at them and see who they are becoming - capture it -  because when it comes down to it they both do truly love their mama - share WAY more than I ever did at their ages - still like to hang out with me - Wow.

Her feet are the same size as mine now!

Before I get into all the details of my other challenge let me back the train up a bit - I received an email from my dear friend Lucy and it had a terrifically fabulous invitation in it - wanna know what?

She asked me to be a part of the MSW card design team again!!!!  What?!! What?!!  Of course I said for shiggity and there was no time to waste as April's month of activities had already started.

In an effort to create a card challenge I racked my brains - I needed something fun, quick, and easy - this is where the tapes come in - my obsession with tapes isn't new - oh no - this gal has been in love with office supplies since I was a lil' bit - its probably a larger factor than I'd care to admit in why I became a teacher - I figured I could whip something up with the three - yes three - pencil boxes full of tapes I've gathered - and those are only scrap mfg. ones - don't get me started on my box of hardware tapes - bowl of tapes from Target's office supply section - you get the idea.

These are the tapes from Target!  I totally can't get enough of them - perfect patterns - and fun colors - the yellow dots is my FAVORITE!!!  I think I may need more because I love the orange that came with it as well. ;0)  I see a LO in the future with this picture....
So grab YOUR favorite tape(s), use it(them) on a card in some way, and share your creation!

When I started on this card I challenged myself to only use tape for the main design - really out of my comfort zone - like how it came out - for the most part - I think the sentiment block should be a tad lower. - what do you think? Hambly, American Crafts, and Target's (shouldn't have tossed that packaging!!) tapes were used.
That's all I've got for now - off to hang with my kiddos - get a bit creative - play online - you know the good stuff!  Take good care and make today the best day ever - its the only one you'll get.

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