Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! A tutorial treat for you!!

Hope your day full of treats today!! I thought I'd share one of my own for all my blog friends out there.
I created a simple canvas project for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine's Halloween newsletter. Here's the tutorial I posted:

Here is a simple canvas project you can do during this wonderful fall/Halloween season that can hang in your house all year long! I would like to note before the tutorial starts I got the idea to mix black gesso and glitter together from a friend on the forum in the mixed media section. It was a fabulous tip and I have been going crazy with it since. So a big huge thanks going out to that special friend!

Afraid To Do by Scarlett Salamone Supplies Patterned Paper: graphic 45; Gel Medium: Golden; Gesso: Liquitex; Paint: Ranger; Mist: Tsukineko; Glitter: Martha Stewart; Other: Gauze, Canvas

Supplies Needed for this Project:

8x10 Canvas
Patterned Paper
Gel Medium - Matte
Silver Glitter
Pop Dots

Step 1:

Squeeze some black gesso into a bowl and add a generous amount of silver glitter to it. Mix together.

Step 2:

Paint black gesso/glitter mixture onto canvas. Allow to dry completely. Store leftover mixture in a sealed container for later use in this project. Tip: Do not go over your brush strokes too much while doing this. The glitter will not show up as well.

Step 3:

Take out leftover black gesso/glitter mixture and add white gesso to it. Mix together to create a shade of gray you are pleased with.

Step 4:

Take 2 strips of gauze and dip small portions of it into your gray gesso mix. Once the gauze has some color on it, roll it around in your hands to form a ball. This will help to spread the color throughout with out over saturating it. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5:

Once gauze is dry, spread open a surface and mist with silver.

Step 6:

Adhere gauze to canvas using gel medium.

Step 7:

Cut out images from patterned paper.

Step 8:

Cut 2 strips of paper 2x3" and rip down to a size that will fit between your gauze strips on the canvas. Curl back the edges on one side of the strip.

Step 9:

Take an image (rectangular in shape) from your patterned paper and adhere it to the canvas using gel medium. Place the strips you have created along the edges of it and adhere with gel medium. Go over patterned paper with gel medium to create a seal. Note: You will have to tuck and lift up your gauze a bot to get the patterned paper image and strips to fit snugly.

Step 10:

Go over cut out images with gel medium. Add pop dots to the back and adhere to canvas.

Step 11:

Grab your paints, take the daubers off if you are using this kind, to add the moon, quote, and some light steaks throughout. Tip: Write your words in black marker before you try painting them on.

Step 12:

Hang up your canvas and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Great project Scarlett! I never know what to do with all those different mediums. I might give this a try!
    Happy Halloween!


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