Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank you Tammy for the Award!!!

I have been soo thrilled to see people coming over to my blog and getting excited about the challenge I have posted this week. So thrilled that I am contemplating doing this more often or starting another blog specifically for challenges, but I am getting side tracked!!! LOL! So as I was readig through comments and marking people's names down, I ran across Tammy's. She's a digi scrapper and you should click on her name to check out her way amazing work!! She wrote:

Girl your work is totally AWESOME!!! I love your work!

Go to my blog and receive your reward!

How sweet is that?? Thanks so much Tammy and all my other friends out there in blog land for leaving me soo much love. During this time while I am medical leave and just not feeling the greatest day in and day out, it is so nice to come here and receive some lovin' for what brings me joy and peace at the moment..... beyond my family!

Here's the award she gave me:

Isn't it cute??

The rules of this award are to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then I am to pass it on to 5 more people.

Here are my 10 things:
1. Being a child of God
2. Having my best friend and soul mate for a husband
3. Spending time with my 2 kiddos that are not such 'kiddos' anymore
4. Loving and playing with my other main man, Fonzz.... he's my doggie!
5. SCRAPPIN'!!!!
6. Going for hikes on trails through the woods
7. Soaking up the sunshine in summer
8. My friends and extended family
9. Working in an inner city school in Milwaukee
10. Knowing that God has a plan for me and my life and it's up to me to discover!

Here are the 5 lovely friends I would like to pass this on too. My reasoning behind this is because these gals have really helped me along my internet scrappy journey. From resizing photos, to creating a pretty blog, they have been there for me and they make me HAPPY! I am soo blessed to be able to call each and every one of them a friend. I have only met one in real life, but I sure do hope that changes. So without further ado, I would love for you to visit my friends (in no particular order!! LOL!):


Girls you all have so inspired me and been such great friends through good times and not so good. I love each and every one of you! Thanks for brightening my days!!


  1. This is SO sweet of you, Scarlett! You know that the feeling is mutual, Girl!!! :)

  2. AAAWWWW....You are so sweet to include me with this group of wonderful women!! Thanks so much Scarlett for being my friend! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. I am now following! Love the Let's Scrap challenge!


Thanks for sweet words - they mean so much to me!!