Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skissedilla 156, Pneumonia, and a Picture of the Goods

Hey Friends!  How were your Mondays?

Its that time of week when Skissedilla has a new sketch posted for you to check out.  This week Nabon made the sketch; its really quite different in a wonderful way.

My take:

I've got tons-o-Disney pictures from when we went in....ready for it?......2006 - yeah, been avoiding them a bit only now I want them documented - see I don't want pages that scream Disney - little bits here and there, with my style and sense of the story really shining through - make sense??
Mickey Mouse colors along with the bottlecap I've had in my stash for years say 'hey this is a Disney page' - This photo has been a fav for a long time and I've known the title foreva' - my three goofs lovin' their ponchos at MGM - thus the filmstrip (tim holtz) and stars (the Crafter's Workshop) - eluding to the park we were at - Disney stickers from my stash - jenni bowlin letters paired with Echo Park - EP paper and stickers too - my own felt umbrella - would you buy one of these?, seriously I'm trying to open a shop and I want handmade bellies to be a feature
In an effort to embrace my love for creating my own backgrounds and using up my mounds of patterned paper I've been experimenting - clear gloss gel medium (Liquitex) through a stencil (TCW) - allowed to dry completely - inked (Tsuikineko VersaColor) over and wiped color off stenciled drops with a baby wipe - really like the color being removed so easily from the gloss gel - still can see the pattern through the drops and on the paper, but not dominantly anymore - dig that
Closeup of umbrella bellie - drops traced from stencil and cut out - added some tinsel like fabric?? - I've no clue what this stuff is or where I got it - like it on the drops though - fun stuff - do you spy it elsewhere on the page

Pneumonia.....is kicking my butt - yep for real and for a couple months - can't seem to shake it - not really as bad as it sounds - it cycles in severity - but could use prayers and thoughts from friends that would like too - I try not to dwell on this - I'm alright in the grand scheme of what could be going on - just really tired and ready to be fully well - I believe in the power of prayer and special thoughts - thanks

Goodie Time - been trying to get this post and picture together since Sunday - the canvases still up for grabs are posted here - the rest of the goods look like this:

Sorry for the crummy picture - taken with phone in a not so ideal setting - some mesh, a mini journal, tube of gloss gel medium (same as used above in LO), Sassafras whimsie cards - but wait there's a tad bit more - I'll also have some handmade flowers to throw in
Until next time - xxo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tutorial & A New Round of Goodies to Win!

Its no secret I've fallen in love with creating my own backgrounds and using what I have here on hand instead of running out and buying the latest and greatest (<---- so hard but the budget and all...).  This tutorial will show you how to take those less than appealing stashes of paper or all the scraps piling up - you know you have it - and put them to use.

Shredded Paper Background - originally created for SNR Magazine

Shredded Paper Background by Scarlett Salamone Supplies Patterned Paper: Martha Stewart
Supplies: Base Material (I used recycled food packaging), scrap patterned paper, PVC glue (or another type you're fond of, but I do particularly like PVC for this), paints and other coloring mediums as desired

This where these Martha Stewart fringe scissors come in REAL handy!
 Step One: Cut patterned paper in to thin strips.

Don't worry about over hanging strips and be sure to work on a non stick surface - its just easier.
Step Two: Adhere the patterned paper strips to base with generous amount of PVC glue.  Layer as thickly as you desire and add glue as needed.  This will take a good chunk of time to dry so set it aside and start something else crafty. ;D

Step Three: Once you piece is dry, cut off the excess around the edges.  Add some paint to it and you're good to go.

There you have it - easy enough?  Please feel free to ask questions if you have them and if you try this out I'd love to see what you create so be sure to come back and share a link or somethin'. = )

I'll have a picture of the new goodies I'll be sending out to a lucky commenter soon.....my boy is here and waiting to watch a movie with me....love that at 15 he still wants to.....grows my heart.....until then I can say these two canvases are still up for grabs:

Have super nights! Hang with someone you love. ;0)

Winner! Winner!!

Seriously - at some point I will have the intentions in my mind actually happen - I had something planned to post for every day - life happens.

  I love living in the country, there's no doubt.  I thought I'd miss city life terribly - there are lots of things I do - but for the most part I prefer where I'm at.  With all that wrote - the one thing out here - my nemesis if you will - is having a septic and well system for water.  My nemesis decided to act out - this tantrum cost A LOT of money to get under control - along with time and clean up - ugh.  Blog plans gone!

The least I can do is get a winner posted for my celebration goodies!  I used the random generator (totally forgot to take a screen shot - not to mention I have to look up how to do one every time I want to, oy.) and it picked number 2 out of 8 people leaving me some celebration love.

The second person to leave me a comment was.....WillieburgScrapper a.k.a Michelle.  
Yay Michelle!!!  Please send me your deets and I'll get your goodies and Rainbow canvas in the mail on Monday!

Don't be sad if you didn't win this go round.....I still have two canvases left and will continue on since I found some unused goodies that I think others would love to play with so, I'll be back later with a tutorial and a new set of stuff for you to win! (p.s. - if you were in the running for this set of goodies, you'll be in for the second, but I'd still love to know if you stopped by!)

Til' later - have creative afternoons! xx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gonna Let Loose, A Page to Peep, and the Rest of the Goodies

Well, how's that for a title?! Hey Friends.

Life took a REAL crazy turn around here and while my mind has been wanting to blog - it was preoccupied with some unforeseen nonsense (I'd have stronger words, but I've used up my allotment for years in the past days!!! I'm not proud).  So, things are a bit behind - but that's good news for you because I'm going to be having some splendid things going on here - giveaways, a tutorial or two, some eye candy, and one more supa' exciting thing to share!  Starting tomorrow it shall be all about me letting loose, taking time to craft, and enjoying what makes me smile - my family of course.

Ready for a page to peep??  

I ran out of time to do Brit's sketch at Skissedilla - before I knew it my first DT reveal was up and the rest is a blur - for the most part its been a good blur - but I had this page now taunting me - I know myself - I won't finish if it sits too long - I finished.  Check it:
  Here's Brit's sketch:
I rotated the sketch 90 degrees for my page and of course I scrap 8.5x11 so I adjusted a bit for that.

I did a ton of stamping on this LO - discovered I adore stamping on cork - its seriously cool people! Papers are back in the day Sassafras and a few bits of Echo Park.  Don't you just love that lil' bicycle stamp? - Maya Road -  Doily bit is from The Chip Chop Shop, my fav Etsy to pick these up - there's a sale going on right now too - just sayin'. Stenciled the background with ink - Studio Calico stencil - used negative of heart punch for a stencil.
Close up of the title.  I wish you could see the dimensional glaze I put on some of the hearts, but alas it doesn't shine through.
Sigh...I love clouds - been wonderfully blessed to lazily lay and look at them some this week - created the background clouds with a The Crafter's Workshop cloud stencil - outlined with NeoColor II and added some water to blend a bit - fussy cut popped up clouds, added dimensional glaze and outlined - stamped the sun on cork with paint and ink - added colored gel medium to center - sprinkled with glass beads
Are you still with me??  I hope you've made it because now you get to see the goods I'll be shipping out, along with a canvas creation, to one lucky winner.  You can go here to see the canvases.  Be sure to leave a comment (and share which canvas is a fav) on any recent post to be entered - all comments received before midnight on the 22nd will be counted.  I'll have a winner on Friday with more loot to vie for coming this weekend!!!  YAY!   International peeps welcome!

Liquitex Coarse Gel - some mesh (looks so cool on LOs) - a mini journal - 3 fabric roses rolled with love by moi - a Smash journal tablet - 2 wooden spools wrapped in baker's twine - Smash sticky notes and envelopes - How's that??
Have relaxing nights my friends, see you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today is a Big Day!!!

Hi Friends! I've been waiting for this day to come and now that its here I get to share some more EXCITING news....

Yours truly is now scrappin' with the Skissedilla gals as a DT member!!  The sketches these gals create are amazing I tell ya'..... and now I'll be throwing a few into the mix also!
  Today is the site's birthday ( Broggis' too!! Happy Birthday Broggis!!!) and myself, along with the two other new team members, have our first LOs up with the rest of the sweet, rockin' gals!!

Here's my first reveal:
Skissedilla #155
This page shows pictures of my kiddos first day of school this year - didn't go the whole first day route rather went with sharing a story about how I send a piece of my heart with them everyday - my new girlie Brit put that awesome frame around my LO - so cool, right?? - Thanks Brit!! xo
My journaling card - love those lil' tab stickers (this one is Crate Paper) - bits of Hambly overlays revealing stenciling done with Pan Pastels (<---seriously smitten with these), paint, and ink - texture paste rubbed through mesh tape with my finger - staples and stamping - the puffy sticker frames are K&Co. - changed the color of one by using VersaColor ink and then doodled with a Sharpie (the doodling was already there, just made it pop!)
My sub-title written on the photo - good shot of texture paste (<---I'll do a tutorial on how to do this soon!) - stamped and heat embossed brick - letters painted through a stencil
Lots of lovely layered bits of burlap, doily, tape, paper, button, overlays
So what'cha' think???  Are you so intrigued to see the sketch I made this off of??  I bet you are - so head on over to Skissedilla and leave a Happy Birthday shout out - come back here and let me know what you think of the sketch and I'll enter you to win an original canvas made by moi plus some other goodies!!!!  You can see the canvases here and I'll be adding pictures of my other goodies to give away today!  YAY!!!

March is shaping up to be such an amazing month!  Know what?? Its not over yet - oh yeah, I'll have another announcement on my birthday this week as well as my winners.  Keep your eyes peeled people, its about to get crazy up in here!!!

Have delightful days and be sure to go to Skissedilla!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Really??! Really!!!!

Happy Friday Sweet Peeps!  Its foggy as heck (and cold) outside, but inside my little being there is nuttin' but sunshine and warmth!!  Wanna know why??

I made the ScrapFX (an amazing laser cutting and etching manufacturer based in Australia) Design Team!!!  Wooo-to-the-HOOOO!!

Let me set the scene for you: I had just come in from poop patrol around the kennels (seriously not the highlight of my day, but it comes with the territory) and my phone buzzed in my pocket meaning I had a new email.   Pathetically tired (one would think I'd get used to all the trekking around) I lazily glanced at the screen and immediately perked up.

I could barely breathe when I saw who it was from!!!  Really?? Did I just read ScrapFX?  Really???!  I could barely breathe!  As I read further, without actually opening the email mind you, containment of my being was not possible. I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely thrilled, shocked, elated, shocked, euphoric, shocked, giddy, and shocked I felt.  I did my little jump up and down happy dance and then I truly celebrated by going outside and doing cartwheels! 

I cannot wait for this ride to begin and I'm bursting with joy because I'll have more news to share soon!  To say I feel blessed is an understatement. 

I would love for you to celebrate with me so let me know if you'd like one of these original canvases to call your own! (and of course there would prolly have to be some other goodies thrown in to fill up the box, right? International friends are very welcome to join in also.  Thank goodness I finally got google translate to work.  )

I'll draw the lucky winner on March 22, since its my birthday and all that jazz!  Oh what a fun month March is shaping up to be!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Always - a Follow-Up Post

Morning.  It is an absolutely gorgeous start to the day around here!!  Its already 52 here (way beyond our norm of 40 somethin) and is expected to get into the 70s!  Yahoo.  I enjoyed (as much as one can) chores this morning and even took a run around the yard with my rooster!  Yep, you read right - rooster.  I call him my homie and he follows me everywhere!  Check out how handsome he is:

I couldn't find this picture readily so this worked just as well.  If you want more deets on this LO, let me know and I'll post.  *This LO was published in SNR

This rooster brings me too much joy, crazy I know but it truly is the little things in life.  If you could see his chicken booty run you'd know what I mean. LOL

Moving on to why I came here, a follow up  post to yesterday.  I won't go into a recap - you can go here if you'd like - but I thought this LO goes along really well with what I hope my daughter, and son for that matter, keep in their lives as they grow into young adults. 

This page is about 8.5 x 5.5.  I used a mix of scraps from Crate Paper, Jenni Bowlin, October Afternoon, and Echo Park and had a delightful time layering them up.  I've found this page size is perfect for me when I scrap about myself - something I'm trying to do on a monthly basis - so far so good.   *This LO was published in  SNR.
Mmmm Studio Calico cloud stamps embossed with American Crafts Zing and a tiny doily from the Chip Chop Shop.  Another love for the 8.5 x 5.5 size is I can run it through my Cuttlebug - so I did using a Tim Holtz Sissix folder.  Then I brushed yellow glitter glue over the raised rays.
I knew I had to use those mini, mini BINGO cards from the Jenni Bowlin packaging - love using those almost more than the regular sized.  Added in a few bits of paper, some misted trim, twine, brads and bling.  I have a thing for paperbags and burlap these days.  Burlap has been an obsession since I was a kid, LOL.  The calendar card tucked in the trim holds journaling on the bottom and a dew drop to mark my birthday date.
Hope you have glorious days - I'm hoping to get a bit creative and take some photos - its too pretty out not to.  I think a photo shoot with a newly turned 12 year old girl may be in order this afternoon! Beyond the regularly used cool iPhone photography apps out there, which hidden gem do you suggest I try out for this?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Be You - an Inchie Grid

Evening friends.  I survived the bustling weekend we had and enjoyed myself yesterday watching my kiddos hang out and play with their friends at an indoor waterpark.  As I was watching and chatting with a few other moms it really struck home to me how hard it is to be a tween girl.  Its easy to forget when you're living with and enduring the many glares, rolls of the eyes, sass mouth, etc., etc., etc. LOL. 
 Don't mistake me though - on the flip side I love watching and being part of her growing fashion sense, love for lotions and all things girly like that, and being able to have real conversations with her that show me bits and pieces of who my little lady is becoming.  The one piece of advice I consistently give my baby girl is to "be you".  No matter what others are saying, wearing, doing you gotta dig down and find what you know is right and do it.  Be you and others will follow.  Be you and the friends you have are true and will be there no matter what. 

Its funny because it goes just as well for adults, huh?  I have plenty of days that I need to remind myself to stick to my guns and be who I know I am to be.  But enough blabber from me - I seem to be a mushy mess these days, LOL, maybe its the embarking birthday? - on to the project!
Sorry this is not the best photo but I"ve edited and edited and still can't get it to not be a bit blurry.  I worked on this piece as a whole adding lots of paint and molding paste to build up the background.  I'm so loving purple these days - who knew?  I added some Hambly transparencies and called it a wrap. 
 I think I'm going to figure out a way to hang this up.  Not sure if I want to go the eyelet and jump ring type of route or maybe mounting it on to a different base and working around that - possible just a frame?  Hhhmmm, what do you think?

This grid was published in SNR magazine and if you haven't checked out the new, hot look over there you totally should!  Plus you could be pubbed by checking out the current calls - BONUS!

Hope you all have had great days and are enjoying your evenings.  See you soon!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Skissedilla #153 and a few deets from #152

Hi there and happy Friday to you.  Its a gorgeously sunny day here but freezing!  We totally got spoiled by a couple warm days and this morning it was back in the teens.  Just crazy weather this winter! 
Here to share another LO I created using a Skissedilla sketch.  I'm so glad I finally stopped stalking the blog and started playing along!

Here's this week's sketch:

Honestly I wasn't sure what to do with it at first.  I played around with picking out photos, papers, even some larger embellishments to get something going on.  Then I decided to embrace the fact I wasn't going to use 4 photos and it started coming together better.

My final outcome:

Real Good Times
I used 2 photos instead of 4 smaller ones and created a bed of papers, a bag, tags, and a doily for them to sit on.  The wagon serves as the hat from the sketch and the flags are in place of the wheat.  Using the acrylic block over the 2x2 picture really helps it stand out on the page and magnifies the image in a way - or maybe its just me LOL.  Used lots of mists, texture paste, and texture spray (yes I said spray!  More on that soon), and inks to alter up all the chipboard.
I think this birdie washi is my fav - I use it on a ton of projects.  I glittered each letter of the chipboard word and then outlined it with some black paint on a fine point brush.
See what I mean about the acrylic over the picture? Check out those spots on the chipboard piece too!  That's some of the texture spray I was talking about.  From the picture its hard to tell the splatters are raised and a bit bumpy with the slightest shimmer.  This is a new love people.  Seriously. 
My last post shared my take on Skissedilla #152 but I didn't share the sketch so you all could have a go with it yourself.   Here's that for you:

Almost everything I used on this page is from my mondo Sassafras stash.  The chipboard letters were roughed up with an emery board (seriously the best way to distress using sandpaper in my opinion - cheap too!) and then lots and lots of fussy cutting to create a layered little jungle.  Oh!  see that stamped border??  Its my own design!!  I've got lots of designs to show you over the coming days/weeks.
I'm typically not a big fan of crowns, but this page totally called for them to be used.  To alter up the chipboard pieces I heat embossed them with black UTEE and let it get kinda bubbly.  Then I pounced some gold paint over.
 To see the entire LO you can go here. 

Alright, well I think that's about it for today.  I've got exciting news to share in the coming weeks and am working on figuring out how to incorporate a few more tutorials here for all of you.  What would you like to see?


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Skissedilla #152

Hey sweet peeps. Quick post today - I have helpers doing this for me from a written message, LOL.  Here's my take on Skissedilla sketch #152:

I'll be back to share deets and close-ups soon.  Thanks for stopping by today.